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Marriage as a social system ...

Love may necessary but only love can't make a marriage successful ...

By YashPublished 8 months ago 4 min read
Marriage as a social system ...
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We are social being . From the very beginning to now we have made this journey through being in a group what makes society farther . Through evolution we are designed to be in a society. Many of us loves to stay alone .It’s good sometimes but in the end we have to be in a society .

To make any society stable , there are several rules we have to maintain . This rules are also evolved through the long time . This rules and regulations are the outcome of thousand natural social experiment . Sometimes they seem toxic but most often they all are for our wellbeing . Though some change may be necessary with time.

Marriage is one of the most important social system . Some may have objection . Actually , we consider marriage as a union of lovers . But being in love or in a normal relationship is one thing but marriage is completely different perspective . Love is a necessity for a healthy marriage life but love is not the only thing to make a marriage successful.

Let’s talk about marriage . It’s a union of a man and a woman in a lawful way with some social or religious ritual . This rituals are different in different religion , also in different countries or society with same religion . This rituals are kind of declaration of two people to stay together. The core thing is to bind people in a relationship to form a family who will have children and raise them . As we are taking human civilization forward , it’s a necessity to raise kids properly with a secure environment . Marriage can make sure this security of a child .

When two people started staying together , lots of difficulties occur . As they started to see the other persons hidden side . Occur some differences . Have to share some responsibilities . As related to deep feelings so expectations occur . Expectations results in responsibility . There’s often family involved , so more responsibility came . After kids , things get more complicated .

To overcome all these difficulties patience , understanding , being respectful is necessary . Not all couples in love can make it . Sometimes who were not in so much in love before but understanding , patient , respectful , responsible can grow a different kinds of bonding which may more strong .

Actually so called love gets fade after a time . A habit of being together grow up . A infatuation occur . actually as single man or woman we both are incomplete . We become complete by being together . We are not designed to be alone . There will always be a emptiness .

But we also need peace . Definitely anyone won’t give you peace . Some people believe in soul mate term. I’m not much sure about this . But one important thing is two thieves also can stay together happily . But two good people who have different perspective can unhappy together . As life need some satisfaction not you can be happy by doing sacrifice only . With two different perspective they have to sacrifice a lot , they rarely will have time to satisfied . which may occur unhappiness. It’s a necessity to match some prior need .

No one can be perfect . We all need to adjust a little bit . But before taking a decision like marriage one should make sure that it will be bearable.

It’s a first moving modern period . We all have a thousands of option . So it’s more difficult to settle down with problem . The relation what we start taking oath to stay until dead we end that with divorce . Rather than being in a suffocating relation , people find it easy to make things easy .

Not the after effect caused good results . As marriage happen between two families . More people affect through divorce . Specially the kids.

So we should rethink about marriage . We should carefully take decision about marriage and also give effort to make it work properly . No one deserve to end in a broken relationship or carry the pain .

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