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Aquatic Melancholy

There’s no showing love by holding someone captive...

By YashPublished 3 months ago 4 min read
A tale of love that drowned in the depth of unspoken emotions.

Leia is looking at their new aquarium . Arav , Liea’s husband gifted it to her. The gift occasion is her pregnancy . She tested positive the day before .

" Beautiful . what do you say ? " Arav asked .

Not at all for Leia, some captive fish swimming in shallow water . What if they were in deep ocean , swimming in deep blue water with freedom . That would be true beauty . Here this literary ideas have no value .

" Yea sure , " Leia replied with a slight smile ," They are amazing ."

Arav is too good at giving many gifts but barely knows about her taste . It’s not that he doesn’t know , the problem is that he doesn’t want to know .

Arav also smiled and left for work .

Leia was a fastidious and fickle girl . Actually she wanted some different reaction from Arav what could enhance her joy double . She looked at the aquarium with a sigh .

Love’s reflection shattered in the aquarium’s glass , as silent tears mingled with the drifting current of a heartbroken underwater world .

That dragged her into the past .

Dhruv was there , her friend , may be something more than friend . Once they came to a aquarium shop, but for some others stuff .

“ I hate the concept of aquarium . “ Dhruv said looking around the beautifully organized gold fish .

“ Me too , Why on earth, sea fishes are caught and kept in closed water . What do people get by doing this “ Leia replied .

Dhruv smiled at her . That’s the thing they fall for . They have millions of issue to talk about . Sometimes, one tells the others mind . Sometimes , they fight like dogs with logical arguments though .

“ There’s no showing love by holding someone captive .Love is letting them live in full. ” Dhruv replied .

Love is letting them live in full

Dhruv believes in freedom . If you love someone you have to let them fly like a free bird . But never realized , Flying birds are captured by hunter . He didn’t realize if you love someone you have to hold them with love . Freedom can never be the last word . As this freedom results in a cage for Leia .

As there was no commitment , Leia had no reason to say no to the boy her parents choose for her . Arav didn’t took much time for the marriage . Everything was so sudden .

Leia thoughts may be it was a love at first sight for Arav . Otherwise , why would a guy like him propose marriage to her parents on their first meet . However , this mirage didn’t take long .Gradually, she realize it was like having the best fish to his aquarium . Never was a love story .

In this all , Dhruv moved away . Leia realized his emptiness too strongly . The love story ended before it starts .

Leia’s whole life shattered . Arav , a big businessman , honest , philanthropist , gentleman . Anyone will say that Leia is Lucky . But Leia can’t enjoy her fate . Instead , day by day sinking into despair . It’s like someone put her into a luxurious aquarium , giving her best service and food .

Yesterday , when Liea told him the test result Arav didn’t show much expression . That’s how it was supposed to be , nothing else . But today giving her a gift not knowing what she likes . But people around her reminding her how expensive gift he was giving her as he loves her .

Really ?

Leia doesn’t know how she will take it ? May be everyone around her is right . But she is not happy with this ,that’s the truth . It feel like swimming in shallow water instead of being in an deep blue ocean .

She sinks deeper into Dhruv to cope with the depression . But she is now Arav’s wife also going to be her baby’s mother .

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