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How to treat your boyfriend well?

Respect and care

By Chua Yuan HengPublished 11 months ago 3 min read
How to treat your boyfriend well?
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Your boyfriend would mean your life. Right from the beginning, you asked, you probed, you reviewed, and then you finally go on and choses him. That's right, he is the man of your choice.

Take note, never budge in letting him feel better about himself every moment you are with him. That being said, you too can be a great girlfriend.

As your boyfriend, he will eventually become your dearest husband some day. Why not? As you love him dearly, so will him in return. Let's take a look at 5 ways you can be a great girlfriend to your boyfriend:

1. Caress him

Everything gentle about you is so desirable by a man. Caress him on the neck, back, or arms often to please him with your gentlest demeanors. By doing so, you will emit pleasing feelings which will be caught by him as girly and soft.

Man like the opposite of himself, which is softness, because he is made of toughness. You gentle caress will retreat him to a much needed relaxation and rest. This is what a man seeks for at the end of a hard work day, a comforting partner by his side.

2. Show him your body

Make all efforts to become more and more beautiful. Take care of your hair, skin, clothing, nails etc. to become the best versions of yourself over time.

Then show him, show him how much you have evolved over time being with him. He will feel proud that you not only become better, but it is also a proof of his capability as a man.

Show him every part of you that is beautiful, and make him make love with you. That will be the proof of your love towards him as you're trying to please him with your body.

3. Treat him to a dinner

Sometimes, a man will falter too. Don't think he is all ultimate and the biggest champion in the world. So, sometimes, show him that you are the one paying for that dinner, to comfort and reassure that you have his back if needed and he is not alone in this journey which is shared together.

As a girlfriend, you are not just a companion, but also are a great support to him, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Once in a while you are paying for dinner, and I am sure he will appreciates it a lot.

4. Praise his achievements

Always awe at his achievements, big or small. He wants to show you, that he can. A person usually got so called burnt out because he has drained away his motivations. Without motivations, he couldn't carry on further in life or work.

By praising your boyfriend's achievements, you refill the motivation tank with more motivation juices. He will be more motivated if you would praise and got excited with all his achievements, because a man likes to be cherished as the provider and giver.

5. Support his success

At every opportunity, try to support his success. If he needs someone to listen to his rants, then let him rant on while you are patiently listening. If he needs something, try to give him in order to support him.

Secretly, do everything that is useful to support him in his adventure to take on the challenges of the world. There is a saying, that sounded something like, "Behind every successful man, there is a great woman". I am sure you have heard that before right?

So, be that, be that hidden cause of his outward success. Then he will cherish your companionship more than ever.

That's all, what I believe girlfriends should do for boyfriends. How about you? Are you like that? Do you think similarly as I outlined above? If you find this story rewarding, please leave a like and comment. Thank you.

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