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How to treat your girlfriend well?

Care and love

By Chua Yuan HengPublished 11 months ago 3 min read
How to treat your girlfriend well?
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In time, a girlfriend will eventually becomes your wife. This girlfriend, who is god gifted must be treated well, as she slowly become yours.

However, many of us do not possess a clue on how we should treat our girlfriend better, especially when she is having a moody period.

All in all, your efforts indicate how much interest you have in her. Together, let's take a look at the 5 ways to treat your much loved girlfriend better:

1. Sulking with her

Sulking constitutes the act of being sullen and ill-tempered over annoyances or disappointments.

It is cute to sulk with your girlfriend if she feels like sulking over something. For example, you could comment that you hate that person too who is constantly feeling unhappy around your girlfriend.

Sulking together have an effect of togetherness, especially one of a trusty partner who will support her every move, instead of being someone who will tells her off from being like that or stops her.

2. Comment on her looks

Girls are all about being loved. They do their make-ups, hair, and skin in order to be loved by another person. So, take some time to comment on her looks.

Tell her that she looks cute, pretty, or beautiful today, and yeah only today, so that she will continue doing such efforts to look good every other days into the future, and also so that you can keep on complimenting her later on in those future days.

Comment not, of the weaknesses in her appearances but instead more on the positive bits of her appearance.

3. Buy her things

Actually girls like being bought things, big things if you are ultra wealthy or small things that you can afford. Sometimes, even the smallest things will make her jump in joy, knowing that she is being cared and loved by you.

Especially important, take note of those things she has wanted for long but have no means or money to buy. Save up some money, then go on and purchase it for her.

She will love you more than ever! She likes all things that is cutesy and beautiful. That's the psychology.

4. Kiss her often

Your girlfriend will love kisses. All girls love to be kissed once in a while. Kiss her on the lips, on the cheeks, on the top of her head, do it to show how much you love her as a person.

Sometimes, a kiss will leads to more action too, if you know what I mean. A kiss signify closeness, how close you want her to be with you. So, kiss often, and love more.

5. Discuss about the future

Being your girlfriend, she wants to be sure of her future with you. You must be confident, and have already had everything laid out at the back of your mind.

What is already at the back of your mind, discuss it plainly and openly with her. When will you guys get married, how many children do you want to raise, what kind of home you will purchase together, and generally everything else under the sun you will do together.

This will excite her and make her more than ever wants you as her forever husband! A girlfriend, being one that you have chosen, is extremely likely to become your wife later on, so why not, divulging everything you have and will have together with her. She will definitely appreciates that.

In conclusion, there are 5 ways to treat your girlfriend better. Among this are sulking with her, commenting on her looks, buy her things, kiss her, and also to discuss your future together with her. Do these things, and she will love you more and more!

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