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A Return to YouTube.

Short and Brief is How It is.

By Halden MilePublished 6 months ago 3 min read
A New Fan of Mine?

I once wrote an article for Vocal.Media discussing my sojourn from YouTube to focus more on my writing. However, considering I have hit a dry spell with my articles, I went back to my old YouTube channels. After focusing on being an ASMRtist (which will be discussed in an upcoming article), I began focusing on my main channel.

However, as it was with my old videos, barely anyone was willing to sit around. People would only watch my videos for about a minute or less before clicking off entirely. This really upset me because all I wanted was for SOMEONE to at least tune in to what I had to say. Yet, with my luck, it was not the case.

Rather than feeling discouraged, I went back to the drawing board. I wanted to know what I could do to ensure people actually saw my videos. Considering they were only viewed for less than a minute, I decided to make my videos a minute in length. It was also during which I discovered YouTube shorts. Since short videos have become popular on YouTube, largely because of TikTok, I decided to focus my energy on creating shorts. When I did that, I came to embrace YouTube shorts.

To begin with, my video production has increased tenfold. Rather than focus on a ten minute video, I can now create ten shorts that are up to a minute. This enables me to express my concerns or opinions on various topics. Especially when I had much to say on a number of events occurring simultaneously. So, for me, focusing on filming shorts was more about production and quantity. Also, considering my videos are more blogs than anything, quality isn't largely factored in.

Another reason I have taken a liking to YouTube shorts is how I can better articulate my topics. In the past, I felt as though I had to stretch my video length by repeating previous topics. Now, with my YouTube shorts, I can get to the point in less than a minute. Rather than drag on about something, I can now state my reasons much clearer. That way, I can make my statements and move on.

Ever since I began creating shorts, my view times increased immensely. It was as though people were paying more attention to what I had to say. Even if they didn't agree with me, at least more people were tuning in. I owe it to YouTube's shorts viewing option which enables people to see shorts one after another. This has allowed me to gain a much wider audience.

In conclusion, ever since I became a YouTuber in 2008, I have seen countless trends and features come and go. I've also seen stars rise and fall and some who are still going strong. However, what has not changed, at least for me, is my love of creating videos. While I am not as big or as popular as many others, I will continue to create content. Maybe one day, I may become the big star on YouTube.

Although I have a small voice, I won't let it fade away. I will continue to voice my opinions and concerns on various topics. I will also focus on film making and voice overwork as well. I refuse to allow my miniscule presence on YouTube deter my efforts. In fact, I shall use it to motivate me.

If you want to see what I have, please check out my YouTube channels. I look forward to seeing you there. Feel free to subscribe to me. Until then, have a good day.

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Halden Mile

I am am American actor, author, ASMRtist, Cosplayer, Novelist, Poet, and Screenwriter.

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