From YouTuber to Writer

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How I am changing my format.

From YouTuber to Writer

If you cruise YouTube, you will come across a similarly named YouTube channel called LordShadrach. Before anyone says anything, yes that is me. However, one will begin to ask, "LordShadrach, why are you now writing as opposed to making new videos? You have like what, over 900 subscribers?!"

Why the change? Let's get to the bottom of this.

1. The Beginning

When I first began making videos as Lord Shadrach back in 2008 (Wow, does time fly!), I was recovering from some falling out over a message board. After spending some time away from YouTube, I decided to make a return. However, what brought me back to YouTube was not some sort of longing desire, but rather my beliefs.

You see, I am a Christian. As in one of those people who puts their faith in Jesus. Well, as I was scrolling through videos, I began to watch a video made by a big YouTuber named The Amazing Atheist. I was like, "Who is this clown!?" Then, I came across some videos made by a guy named VenomFangX, followed by YouTubers named ThunderF00t, Inmendham, JesusFreek777, and countless others. Since the debates were on high, I decided to join myself.

Since I did not want to show my face at first, I decided to call myself the Mysterious LordShadrach. I took the name Lord because I have some distant family who are royalty on my father's side. I used Shadrach because it was the name of a French Huguenot on my mother's side. Therefore, that is the history of the name LordShadrach. It is MY name.

Moving forward.

I made my first videos as text-based videos and even made videos about Ninjas. One of the many things I talked about was my fantasy about Ninjas. You see, my channel was not just about Religion, it was about anything and everything. Things I liked, food, and history to name a few.

I was too small fry to be taken serious by the big dogs, so I went to the mid carders. One such person whom I was interested in mostly, was a guy named DesertPhile. Desertphile, or by his real name David Rice, was a YouTube atheist whom talked about his lack of belief in a god, his life in the desert, and his country living. He was therefore the perfect challenge!

Boy was I wrong. Looking back on some of my earlier videos, my methods and subjects, to put everything mildly... SUCKED HARDCORE!!!! If you read my prior essay entitled "I Am Done With Debating," you would learn about why I no longer debate much like I did in the past. My dealings with Desertphile were one of the many factors which contributed to this.

I didn't know how to debate to save my life! Things were that awful. This, added with my nonstop desire to focus all over the place, is why my channel was not as good as it could have been. But I did have a large following and times were great.

You see, this was back when YouTube was free from Google's control. In other words, people back then were better able to make videos without any sort of fear of Google's control. People also could reply to videos much better because of video replies.

As for me, I had a growing fanbase which was divided evenly among detractors and defenders. Yet, as they say... the good times did not last.

2. Downfall.

What lead to my downfall and a long drought in the way of making videos was my family did not approve of my videos. I hated it. I really did. It was like I committed bloodied murder. I hated the pressure and I hated the fact I could not make videos like I wanted.

Also, I had struggles with my college studies obtaining a useless degree.

It was not a good time. Thus, I was regulated to making comments and posts. As a result of my limited timing on YouTube, I was forced to say goodbye to my fans as they all left me. As time went on, drama which I would have loved to have been part of passed me over and I was unable to say the things I wanted to say in that moment.

By the time I was able to make videos again. I was unable to generate the fanbase I once had. Even with better means of production and better equipment, I still was unable to generate the fans I wanted. While some of my videos did reach more than 1000 hits, I was still not as popular as I wanted to be. Even with four films under my belt, I was still not a Youtube celebrity like I wanted.

I still make Youtube videos as Lord Shadrach or ShadrachASMR, but I am not as popular as I want to be and I still struggle for fans.

3. Discovering Vocal Media and what I am doing now.

Not too long ago, I came across a Facebook ad featuring Vocal Media promising money in exchange for articles. It's not the money I desired mind you. I desired readers more than money. Sure, I'd like to make a living doing this, but readers are more important than money. Trust me. You aren't amounting to anything as a writer unless you have readers.

But back on the topic at hand. After reading over various articles, I came to have found my calling. Writing has been one of many passions. That, and acting, drawing, and cosplaying. While I am not the best at it, I enjoy every single one of those areas of creativity. I plan on spending my time now working to perfect my craft. Rather than settle, I choose to increase my abilities. No one should ever settle for being good enough. Hitting a plateau will not make you better. After all, there is room to improve.

I have come to even accept I may never become youtube famous. Nor will I ever obtain 100,000 subscribers nor will I ever have 1,000,000 subscribers. When I heard that PewDiePie hit over 100,000,000 subscribers, I would have gone to the ends of the Earth itself just to have a fraction of his subscriber base and the support needed to make my channels bigger. Sadly, that is not what was meant for me.

As for Vocal Media, I will see where this will take me. I may not make it big, but at least I have found my home for now.

Tyler Hall
Tyler Hall
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