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By Johanna WanjiruPublished about a year ago 3 min read

In each of the last two years, Covid-19 has upset predictions. As the pandemic raged on, 2020 was one of the most uncertain years ever. On the other side, gaming corporations, who had a record year, saw this as a blessing in disguise. People engaged in gaming to pass the time, stay alive, rebuild their social networks, and divert their attention at the same time.

As 2022 begins, there are a few emerging trends that are changing the nature of gaming and could emerge this year.

Crypto gaming

The majority of gamers play for enjoyment, however in more recent times, players can also make money. Blockchain technology has altered the landscape with the arrival of crypto games. Now, players may use their prizes and stuff on several cryptocurrency gaming platforms. In-game money can be purchased with fiat currency or by collecting stuff and leveling up characters.

Since players must spend money to get the most out of some games, those games have taken a hit. However, thanks to cryptocurrency gaming, users may now profit from their investments by using cryptocurrency gaming currencies. It's known as a "play-to-earn" model.

AR and VR gaming

It is evident that gamers are eager to enjoy interactive experiences in the future. Every day, gaming gets more engaging and realistic. Future gaming technologies like virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have exciting promise. They are renowned for their increased experience that combines a virtual and actual world with improved, three-dimensional images.

The gadgets they both require and the nature of the experiences themselves serve as the primary distinctions between VR and AR. While augmented reality enhances the environment you are currently in, virtual reality transports you to a completely other one. Unlike VR users who are under the authority of the system, AR users have control over their presence in the actual world.

Overall, the interactivity and realism of the games have been luring players to this side of life. To improve this experience, there are currently a few high-end gadgets available on the market.

Cloud Gaming

As the term implies, gamers no longer require the most advanced or cutting-edge peripherals to access games. In this case, all you have to do to play a game on any display you own is embrace the internet rather than purchasing a console or a disc.

The most recent controllers are often compatible with cloud streaming services through Bluetooth, in addition to the conventional mouse and keyboard arrangement.


There have been many discussions regarding the stereotype of millennials and how much time they spend using screens and their smartphones. Some professional gamers have made a killing off of this habit, which has been variously called anti-social and lazy. In what may potentially be a money-minting reality in this virtual world, esports athletes have been making millions of dollars.

With the PlayStation and X-Box being the most popular gaming consoles, a player with soundproof earmuffs and control pads behind closed doors could be on their way to becoming a multi-millionaire, at least in Kenyan currency. As more people get into the industry, this bug has reached an all-time peak. Celebrities and sponsors join forces to support these competitions.

Powerful consoles

New technologies give developers new tools for making innovative experiences. And that's exactly what the upcoming consoles hope to accomplish. The era of simple, narrowly focused games is over. The focus of gaming console technology today is on obscenely powerful hardware for high-resolution HDR and virtual reality games.

Playing video games can help with hand dexterity

Games with controllers can be quite good for your hands. Researchers found that in a study involving a group of surgeons, those who played video games were quicker at completing complex surgeries and committed 37 percent less errors than those who didn't. In addition to being utilized as physical rehabilitation, specific video games have assisted stroke victims in regaining control over their hands and wrists.

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