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Uno Stripping Game- aka Strip Uno

Adult Card Game

By Timothy A RowlandPublished 5 months ago Updated 5 months ago 6 min read
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Strip Card Game for Adults- Strip Uno

We are going to talk about how to play two different versions of Strip Uno. Rather, we are going to talk about the two possible rounds that can be played. The first round will be the typical stripping game. The second round is one that could be called the "swingers" round. That's where the real naughty happens. So, if this has your attention then read on.

Strip Uno Official Rules

Of course, you can always play by your own made rules as long as everyone playing agrees to them ahead of time. However, it is nice to have a set of official rules to go by, so here they are.

This page pretty much assumes that you already know how to play regular Uno, but in case you don't... the game is really simple.

• Each player gets 7 cards dealt to them.

• The player to the left of the dealer goes first

• Match a card in your hand to the turned-up card next to the deck in the middle.

• You can match color or number/face.

• Draw cards effect the next person in line and that person loses that turn. (if you put it down the next person that would have gone loses a turn and draws that many cards)

• Black cards allow you to choose a color for the next person, until it is changed again.

If you are still in doubt then just read the official rules that come with the deck of cards when you buy them.

*Also, be sure to read this whole page. More information is at the bottom even if you don't need to read certain sections (ie: version of the game you're not playing).

Now... on to the fun versions of Uno that we came here to discuss.

The Swinger Version or Round

Now we get into the even more fun version or round of the game. This round is to be played after the stripping round. So, at this point, either all the players are naked, or all but one player is naked. The game is played the same except for naughty acts replace the removal of clothing. In truth, there are several ways to play this round. Here are some of them...

When to Strip

All other players take off an article of clothing when one player has put down their last card. Only the person who runs out of cards first will not remove clothing. (Faster/Shorter game)


When a player lays down their last card, the player holding the greatest number of cards must remove an article of clothing. (Slower/Longer game)

Drawing From the Deck

When it is your turn, if you draw a card from the deck and still are unable to lay down a card, the game simply continues. You only draw one card per turn (unless a player uses a draw 2 or draw 4 on you)

When to Get Dressed

If playing only the stripping round, once a player is fully nude, they must remain naked until the game is over. Wait on the sidelines nude until the game officially ends.

If the second (swinger) round is being played too, once a player is fully nude, they must wait for the next round to begin. Remain naked and wait for the next round. once the next round begins, that player is once again dealt into the game.

Photo by: Tim A Rowland. Via

Couples Version

The couples version is just another way of saying having only two players. This one is the simplest of all.

The loser must perform some fun and naughty act to the winner. This should be progressive though to be more fun. Winner is still the person that runs out of cards in their hand first.

In other words, start with spanking or kissing and work your way up to intercourse or even rough sex, depending on the players' interests and likes.

Photo by: Tim A Rowland. Created via

Swapping Version

The swapping version or partner swapping version is played like the couples version with one exception.

This version is played in two naughty rounds. The first naughty round you perform acts on your partner. The second, you perform acts on the swapped partner

Worth noting is that a third round can be added whereby losing means you must perform the act on both people together (matching sexual preferences, of course).

For threesome fun, simply play this version though a player is missing.

Photo By: Tim A Rowland. Created via

Orgy Version

As you have probably guessed, this version involves a lot of people. Be aware that this version can also become chaos very quickly. Fun chaos, but chaos.

Sadly, there is no set way to determine who the loser must do something to... your group just has to decide and agree on a way to figure out who they perform the naughty act on.

It is common to just say that the person who won (ran out of cards) decides who the person with the most cards does the act to. Or you can play so that the winner gets something from every losing player that matches their sexual preference. Up to your group really.

Few Notes You Need to Know

It's mentioned a lot on this page but remember that the game is supposed to be fun and sexy for everyone. This means that you must respect each player's sexual preferences and let them play according to them.

There is also a drinking version of Uno that can be played. Be sure to read that post as well if it interests you. Chances are you will combine the drinking version into this version anyway, but just be aware of how much you are drinking. Safety is always an important factor. The link to the drinking version opens in a new tab btw.

The other thing worth mentioning, in case it comes up, is where to get Uno cards if you don't have any. Honestly, you can typically find a deck of Uno cards just about anywhere that you would find games being sold. If all else fails, just order them on Amazon or another online retailer.

Keep in mind that if you want to make the game even more difficult, you can always play the No Draw Version too. This is when you take all of the draw cards out of the deck and play the same way. (ie: draw 2, draw 4)

That’s It, Go Have Fun

More may be added to this post later, but for now, that's it. Feel free to comment about your experiences playing as well as any questions you may have.

Now, go and have fun playing. It's a fun and sexy time if everyone stays in good spirits. Yeah, don't be "that" person at the party.

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