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Uno Drinking Game

Drinking Game Version of a Classic Card Game

By Timothy A RowlandPublished 5 months ago 3 min read
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How to Play the Uno Drinking Game

Uno drinking game is played just like the regular card game, Uno but with one added bonus: drinking. Opinions vary on the rule of taking just one card or more than one when drawing from the deck to lay down for your turn. Other than that, the game is actually very simple. Obviously, this game involves alcohol so be sure that everyone playing is old enough to drink. Also, be mindful of who you are playing this game with. In other words, only play with people you can trust. It is also important to remember that "alcohol poisoning" is a thing. Be aware of your condition and the dangers of drinking too much.

Uno Drinking Game Rules

Uno drinking game rules for playing. This way: you can end the disagreements fast and call out the people trying to cheat. Funnily enough, you will find that some people try to cheat to not have to drink, while others will try to cheat so that they can drink more.

You will find the the first 8 rules listed below are the basic rules for playing Uno anyway. After that, the rules are specifically for the drinking version. Remember that you and the other players can always create new special rules just for your games. Just be sure that everyone is aware of them and agrees to them beforehand.

1. Each player is dealt 7 cards to hold in their hand. Only that player may see what cards are held.

2. Lay the remaining cards in a stack in the middle of all the players. Then, turn the top card over next to the stack.

3. The player to the left of the dealer goes first.

4. Each player takes turns laying down a card from their hand that matches either the color or face value of the previously laid down card.

5. If a player does not have a card in their hand that can be played, they draw a card from the stack next to the pile.

6. All "draw cards" (draw 2, draw 4) as well as skip cards fall onto the person whose turn is after the person laying that card down.

7. A "reverse" card reverses the flow of players' turns and the new order remains until someone else lays down another reverse card.

8. This all continues until a player runs out of cards in their hand and is declared the winner.

9. If a player lays down a "draw card" that affects you; you must take the number of shots equal to the number of cards. (Draw 2 is laid = you take two shots and pick up two cards) etc.

10. If a player's turn comes and they are unable to play a card from their hand and must pick up one from the stack, they must also take a shot or swallow of their drink.

11. When a player runs out of cards and is declared the winner of the round/game... every other player must finish their drink as quickly as possible.

12. The player that finishes the remainder of their drink last... must do an additional shot too.

Uno Drinking Game Video

Uno Drinking Game Final Thoughts

One of the best aspects of the Uno drinking game is that you can play with just two people, or you can play with a whole party full of people. Granted, you may have to use more than one deck of Uno cards if you have a party full of players, but the game still can be played the same. There is no real adjusting involved.

I will leave you with another simple and fun thought for the more adventurous people who find themselves on this page. Uno can also be played as a stripping game, or even a combination of drinking and stripping game. Either way you play it, it is always fun to play an adult version of this traditional card game. Making a "family classic card game" into an "adult card game." Play safe and have fun.

Photo by: Tim A Rowland. Created via

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