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The Best Exquisite Sex With A Pornstar.

I thought I'd stay a virgin forever, despite the fact that people were offering to sleep with me.

By The Lost GirlPublished about a year ago 3 min read
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I thought I'd stay a virgin forever, despite the fact that people were offering to sleep with me. Instead, as I became older and hadn't yet slept with anyone, my self-defined "purity" was an increasingly vital aspect of my identity. Which was a shame, given how horny I was getting. My intense sexual anguish was an itch that my hand could no longer scratch at the age of 21. Nothing, not even my vibrator.

It all started off normal enough. I was lazily perusing through a dating app when I came across a lovely man - let's call him Robert* - and swiped right without much thought. We matched. I eventually read his bio when I pulled up his profile, which said unequivocally, "I work in the adult film industry." I got a little excited. I had a jolt of excitement. Not exactly butterflies. More like a violent stampede, surging through my pelvis. This was the individual I had been looking for.

I messaged him, inquiring about, and he offered me the name of his pornographic film. I did my research thoroughly. As it turned out, Robert had millions of views and had slept with hundreds of women. Many considered him to be a sexual specialist. I promptly demanded his address, seizing charge of the situation and expressing my desires: no-strings sex. I hopped in the shower and prepared to meet him.

"Robert received millions of views and slept with hundreds of women."

Robert greeted me outside his building later that day and led me into his small, immaculate studio apartment. We began kissing almost immediately, and I melted into his warm lips. I quickly removed my top and jeans, eager to get naked with him. Following my direction, he gently placed me on the bed and undressed as I watched. I gasped when his shirt came off, revealing his strong, gym-toned torso. When his boxers fell to the floor, I caught eyes with a large, erect penis and felt a searing sensation between my thighs.

I drew him closer to me, shivering with anticipation, and he used his lips to go down my body, sending shivers down my spine. I extended my legs as he kissed me, and he responded by licking and kissing my clit, tormenting my now-aching vulva. I told him I was a virgin in between sighs, and he responded with caution. Slowing down, he made sure I was ready, and when I clearly said what I wanted, every fibre of my body was poised to explore our bodies together.

He pulled my legs up high and attempted to enter after pulling on a condom. "Tried" is the key word here. I was scared and dry, but my head was clear about what my body wasn't saying: I wanted Robert inside me. It took some manoeuvring and lubricant to get things moving, but as I repositioned myself, wrapped my legs around his waist, the movement felt smoother and wetter.

He moved slowly, monitoring my breathing, and we spent the afternoon figuring out what worked for us. We traded places. We rolled onto our backs. I got down on all fours. As time went, I became more energised and eager to try out new positions. What began tentatively grew voracious.

While Robert was supporting my hips and slipping in and out of me doggy-style, it seemed like something within me unlocked. I felt a flush of heat sweep over me, which I had previously only felt from a vibrator. He smacked my bum, which sent me over the edge into a full-fledged orgasm. I buried my fingers into the covers, shouting in delight for all to hear. I didn't mind the cacophony because my pleasure was no longer restricted.

After we untangled our sweaty, sated bodies I looked down and recognised the mess I had created of his bed: big crimson flowers spreading across white linens. But, while my first reaction was to be humiliated, he dismissed it. To him, it was a natural part of life, the body, and sex, and nothing to be embarrassed of.

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