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Sex in the Announcer’s Booth of High School Football Field

True Story of Young Lust

By Timothy A RowlandPublished 3 months ago 10 min read
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Short Back Story First

At age 16 my family moved back to a little town where most of both sides of the family are from. The same town I now have moved back to and live in. I started High School my freshman year, and through a series of events and friendships, I started dating a senior. Mind you, I was 16 years old as a freshman due to my birthdate and being held back a year. She turned 18 years old not long after we started dating.

Obviously, since this is a true story, I won’t be using her real name. So, for the purpose of this story, I’ll just refer to her as “Red” since she had beautiful long red hair. Also, I want to state for the record that what happened is technically illegal and I am in no way encouraging or suggesting to anyone that they break the law. The truth of the matter is, it is a very small town and that is the only reason we got away with this happening without getting caught. We were young, daring, and not as wise as we all are now.

How We Ended Up at the High School Football Field

As I said before, it’s a small town. That means that there really isn’t much to do, especially for teenagers. This is one of those towns where people drive around as teenagers for fun. Teens would drive down the only main road, turn around, and drive back. Eventually, you see someone you know, and you stop at a parking lot and end up hanging out there. Well, my friends and I didn’t have vehicles, so that was out for us most days. Besides, we- for some reason- decided to hang out late. We agreed that I would sneak out of my grandmother’s house, where my family was staying temporarily, and I would meet them outside around midnight. So, that’s what I did.

I made my way out of the house without getting caught or waking anyone up, even with the slight rustling of my jacket, since it was cold outside. I went outside and found that only my girlfriend and one of our male friends was now standing and waiting for me. It is worth mentioning that this friend had a crush on my girlfriend… and wasn’t good at hiding it either, despite having a girlfriend within our friend group too. Obviously, I won’t mention his last name, but since he turned out to be a total prick anyway, I’ll tell you that his name was John. It is also worth noting that my girlfriend couldn’t stand him. She tolerated him because she was friends with his girlfriend and because he was my friend at the time. Anyway, I digress.

Since there was nothing to do in this tiny town, and talking outside my grandmother’s house would risk waking up someone inside and getting us caught, we chose to just start walking. Well, the High School isn’t far from where my grandmother lived, so we ended up there. The football field was open to the public since there was no fence on one side, so it was easy to just walk onto the field. With little thought, we all shifted and started walking up the bleachers. Since it was really cold and we were freezing after walking a little way in the cold wind, it made sense to try to hide from the wind in the announcer booth at the top of the bleachers.

The Fun Begins

At first, all three of us went inside and talked for a second, then John walked out and onto the bleachers again. Red took the opportunity and closed and locked the door to announcer booth behind him. He wandered down to the edge of bleacher and took a leak, while she turned around and wandered back to me as I stood against the wall. As she approached me, I grabbed her and spun us around, pressing her against the wall where I had just been standing. In typical teenage fashion, we started to make out with a rather uncontrolled passion… and lust. She pushed my jacket off of me and onto the floor, I opened her jacket and lifted her shirt up to her collarbone. She wasn’t wearing a bra, but she did have on a thin black bodysuit. It was sexy as hell, but at the same time, it was in my way. I playfully mentioned that I wanted to just rip it so that I could get to her fit sexy body. She told me I could, but in the same breath mentioned that it was doing little to keep her warm but “it was something.” I got the message… I was allowed to do it, but she would rather I didn’t.

I opted not to rip her bodysuit, since it was thin, and I could feel her skin a little through the fabric anyway. Plus, to be honest, I wasn’t fully sure I would be able to rip it anyway, and that would have been embarrassing. My hands were numb from the cold, and she jumped when I cupped one of her breasts. I apologized but didn’t move my hand. She told me that she didn’t care, she wanted my hands on her. Again… teenage lust at its finest. However, when she reached into my pants and took a hold of her prize, it was my turn to jump. Her hands were freezing too. Like her though, I didn’t mind it as long as she had her hands on me.

About that time, John knocked on the door to the booth, and we both in unison yelled, “No, go away!” We laughed a little and I yelled out an additional, “we’ll be out in a bit!” to him. We could hear him mumbling and groaning a bit, but he walked away. Not far enough away, but it didn’t surprise either of us that he wanted to listen to what was going on. He was like that, and we both already knew it. However, he couldn’t see anything, so he could listen all he wanted, for all we cared.

The Lustful but Short Conclusion

While we kissed deeply, she stroked my manhood with cold hands, while I teased her breast with one hand and fingered her with the other hand down her pants. Despite the cold, we were animalistic in our pursuit of each other’s pleasure, as well as our own. We had been unable to “play” for several days and the need was powerful.

My grunts and moans were getting louder and more frequent by the moment, but it became very obvious that we were also both still freezing. I knew that part of her shaking was from the teasing I was giving her clit and the hard, fast, fingering. Yes, I knew was I was doing even at 16. However, I was also aware that some of her shaking was because she was freezing her tight, round, ass off. I knew it because I was freezing too, despite the pleasure of her strokes and the passionate feeling of the situation. Finally, I couldn’t get that realization out of my mind, and I decided to mention it.

I said something about wishing it was warmer and asked to be sure she wanted to be doing this despite the cold. She confessed that she did want to be doing this and that she “needed it” but that she also would like to get done quickly and try to warm back up. With all the passionate movements, she was nearly only covered by her bodysuit now. Her bodysuit was so thin that I could see through it, so I knew she was freezing. Hell, I was freezing, and I still had my pants mostly up and a long-sleeved shirt on. I started quickly trying to think of a solution to get what we wanted and her be able to be at least a little warmer. She beat me to it though.

Suddenly, I was looking at just the wall as she dropped down into a squat between the wall and me. Not slid down, no, she dropped instantly. By the time my brain registered what had happened, I already felt her mouth around my manhood. I leaned my head back and marveled in the sensation of her mouth’s every stroke. However, I did let out a low chuckle as I heard her zip up her jacket. Fair enough.

After a short while and knowing that she wouldn’t get her pleasure this way, I reached down and stood her up in front of me again. Holding her hand, I brought her with me as I took a couple steps backward. Once I felt the desk behind me, I turned and pulled her toward it. She gave me a lustful look as she allowed me to guide her waist to the side of the announcer desk, and without me asking or saying a word, she bent over the desk.

I reached under her still-zipped jacket from behind her and grabbed the top of her jeans. With one smooth motion, I pulled her jeans and panties down to just below her ass cheeks. I knelt down a moment and teased her opening with my tongue, before standing back up and pushing my still rock-hard manhood inside of her. Benefit of being 16; even the extreme cold didn’t stop it. Her hands shot out and gripped the edges of the desk, as I pushed deeper into her. She was soaking wet, but still very tight.

Between the cold, the passion, and the lust… there was no mercy in our fucking. I could hear the wood of the desk creak a little in between her moans and screams, just as my groans would escape. The cold allowed us to see every bit of our heavy breathing, appearing like smoke around us. The sight made me feel even more animalist, until we were both more animal than human.

She came hard while I was still inside of her, her vagina clamping down on me. Despite her clamping down, she was wet enough that I was still able to keep thrusting a bit, even as she orgasmed. As soon as her muscles let up a bit, I wasted no time in returning to the hard and fast thrusting and pounding. Moments after that, I suddenly realized that I was about to finish… and had no “good” place to do it. She was a little surprised when I told her I was going to finish. Not because I was finally going to, but because I normally never announced it during sex. However, she must have realized the reason I said something, or the same problem occurred to her in that moment, because as I pulled out of her, she grabbed the can Mountain Dew she had brought with her and used her hand to stroke me… catching the mess in and on top of the can.

I have to say… only time in my life I busted into and onto a soda can. Some of it got on her hand, but she was clearly prepared. She used her other hand and pulled out one of those travel sized tissue packs from her jacket. She wiped her hand, used the tissue to usher the mess on the can, into the opening of the can, and then stuffed the tissue itself down through the mouth hole. Very resourceful. Even at 16 years old I could appreciate that fact.

After that we bundled up again and spent a bit of time kissing, but fully clothed and covered. Then, we walked out and started down the bleachers and onto the field again. John came running from further down the bleachers and joined us. We took the long way walking home, throwing the soda can into a store’s dumpster along the way. They each went home. I went back to my grandmother’s house and managed to sneak back in and into the bedroom without waking anyone.

I laid in bed and texted her until she was in bed and about to go to sleep. Then, I put down my flip phone and slept like a baby that night.

That’s where this story ends.

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