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Flex.....say NO to bland foods

By Ann EmechetaPublished 6 days ago 3 min read
Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

Nigerians have a deep appreciation for spicy food, and their love for pepper is rooted in their culinary culture. Pepper is a staple ingredient in Nigerian cuisine and adds robust flavors to various dishes. It adds a distinct flavor profile and enhances the overall taste of traditional Nigerian dishes. The hallmark of an enticing meal is its vibrant colors, Nigerians enjoy bold, flavorful dishes, and the addition of pepper provides a spicy kick that tantalizes the taste buds. It adds depth and complexity to the flavors of soups, stews, rice dishes, and grilled meats.

The love for pepper is a source of pride for many Nigerians. It distinguishes Nigerian cuisine from other culinary traditions and contributes to its unique tastes, character.

When I was sixteen, I travelled to Ijebu-ode, a small town nestled in the western part of Nigeria. We were served a steaming dish, Ikokore, a kind of porridge made from grated cocoyams, boy! was it fiery! The rare delicious meal is best consumed warm but my advice to those who cannot match the palate of the Yorubas, please consume when cold because the intensity of the fiery condiment is better tolerated when cold.Nigeria is a diverse country with various ethnic groups, each having its own culinary traditions. Different regions in Nigeria have their unique pepper varieties, such as the scotch bonnet pepper, habanero pepper, or ata rodo (long chili pepper). These diverse peppers contribute to the richness of the regional varieties of Nigerian cuisine. A culturally significant belief particularly among the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria is that consuming pepper offers health benefits not only limited to being an appetite booster but also a body cleanser. It is believed that pepper stimulates digestion, boosts metabolism, and provides a sense of refreshment. Pepper's popularity in Nigerian cuisine has influenced the culinary landscape of other cultures as well. The unique fusion of flavors and the inclusion of peppers have made Nigerian dishes sought after by food enthusiasts worldwide, contributing to the global recognition of Nigerian cuisine. The love for pepper extends beyond the culinary world. Nigerians often incorporate pepper into beauty products, traditional medicine, or home remedies, believing in its potential health benefits and healing properties.

A typical Nigerian pot of stew is a mixture of several pepper blends; Ata rodo, shombo, tatashe, onions and tomatoes. Pepper is used in a wide range of Nigerian dishes, from popular soups like Egusi or Ogbono, Jollof rice, finger foods like Puff-puff, Akara, Okpa, peppered gizzard, Suya, and peppered snails. It can be used fresh, dry powdered, or incorporated into sauces and marinades. The versatility of pepper allows for endless culinary creativity. Pepper is so craved that a dish was named after it; Pepper-soup.

Pepper-soup is a light clear soup prepared either with fresh fish, beef, chicken or dried fish with a myriad of spices to give it its alluring distinctiveness. It can be served with any dish, rice, yams, puddings like ekoo but works wonders during the wet seasons.

Nigerians' affinity for pepper in their cuisine is deeply rooted in cultural heritage, region al diversity, and the desire for bold and vibrant flavors. Pepper's versatility, flavor-enhancing properties, and its symbolic significance makes it an integral part of Nigerian cooking. Whether it's the heat, the complex flavors, or the nostalgia it evokes, pepper remains an essential and cherished ingredient in Nigerian culinary traditions.FJLEX… Say no to bland food and embrace the spicy delights that Nigerian cuisine has to offer.NOTE: It is important to consume pepper in moderation. Individual tolerance level and preferences must be intentionally considered before incorporating pepper to any meal.


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