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A Kiwi Fruit Progression

One Of My Favourite Vitamin C Sources

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 17 days ago 3 min read
A Chinese Gooseberry


This is an addition to something I discovered about Kiwi Fruit in this recent piece.

I also hadn't realised they were also known as Chinese Gooseberry.

I have loved kiwi fruit ever since a friend introduced me to them on a camping holiday, many years back. They are a source of Vitamin "C" and my friend ate them with a teaspoon.

I've included "Vitamin 'C'" by Can (what else could it be) featuring the sadly missed Damo Suzuki on vocals.

How I Eat My Kiwi Fruit

Kiwi Fruit are hairy and dusty and give little indication to their delectable sweetness inside. So obviously I started by chopping the top off and then attempting to scoop out the fruit contained within the dusty, hairy kiwi packaging. I don't know if the skin is to put people off and protect the seeds until the fruit is ready, but that is how, for years, I tried eating Kiwi Fruit, and it always tastes, to me, gorgeous.

One of the issues was the skin. While, as I have said, it is dusty and hairy, it is not juicy and sweet like the interior and more akin to rice paper than, say apple or pear skin. Also when scooping out with the teaspoon the skin often disintegrates and leaves you with a sweet pulpy mess in your hands, unless you keep to the centre, but then you lose a lot of the kiwi fruit.

There are benefits from eating kiwi fruit and this site lists a few:

So how do I eat them now? I now eat the skin, but I started out just cutting the ends off and then scoffing the lot, and though it was edible and mostly enjoyable, I did notice the skin while I was eating, but it was not unpleasant.

Kiwi Fruit Ready For Me To Eat

Then I started to quarter them, and that became a much more pleasant eating experience. Also if you do want to strip the skin off, it becomes much easier to remove, but I do like eating the quarters with the skin on, and it has a minimal effect on the experience.

This was from Google:

Kiwi Skin Adds Vitamins and Minerals

Eating SunGold kiwi skin provides 34% folate and 32% more vitamin E to your diet than eating the flesh alone. Folate is an important micronutrient for all ages but particularly for pregnant women and growing infants.

Holland and Barrett say this:

They’re rich in antioxidants

Antioxidants rid the body of free radicals – unpaired electrons that damage the body and its cells, which can lead to cancer1. Two well-known antioxidants are vitamin C and vitamin E, and kiwis are loaded with them. But, as we’ve mentioned above, the skin is where you’ll find the highest concentration of antioxidants.

The skin can be great for yours

We don’t suggest rubbing your body in kiwi skin but eating it can have a range of beauty benefits. Again, this is to do with the high amounts of vitamin E in kiwi skins. Vitamin E is often used in beauty products, as it can have an anti-ageing effect on skin and help you to maintain a healthy glow. Remember, if you suspect you’re low in any vitamin, you can find it in supplement form across our online range.

They’re rich in fibre

Kiwi skins are full of fibre, which comes with a number of benefits. This essential nutrient is crucial to a healthy gut, as it feeds the good bacteria and also help good digestion.

I don't know if you are still wary of kiwi fruit skins, but they are definitely worth trying, and I love them now.


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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran16 days ago

    Oh wow, I never knew they were known as Chinese gooseberries. This was a very informative piece!

  • Anna 17 days ago

    I can feel the scooping part. I tried a lot to peal the kiwi with a spoon, but ended up losing too much juice and fruit🥲

  • Ameer Bibi17 days ago

    My whole family loves to eat kiwi, but without the skin, we peel it completely and then consume it. You did a lot of research and shared valuable information, but eating its skin would take a lot of work. Here, Kiwi is expensive, so people eat it less.

  • Alyson Smith 17 days ago

    The only food I am allergic too! Just the skin though ... love the article.

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