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My Freaky Foray as a Phone Psychic: Part 6

Destroying Curses, Hexes & Jinxes

By Colleen FlanaganPublished 7 months ago Updated 5 months ago 4 min read

You don’t have to be a dark magic practitioner to curse, hex or jinx a person, place, thing OR YOURSELF. In fact, you’ve probably unknowingly cursed others and yourself multiple times.

A negative, emotionally-charged thought, especially one that is focused upon for several minutes, creates energy that begins to manifest. It’s a form of a curse, also known as hex or a jinx.

Later in this post I'll share a fast way to FREE yourself and loved ones from curses, hexes and jinxes.

How We Curse Ourselves & Others

Ever trip over something, stub your toe, or lose your keys then tell yourself how clumsy or stupid you are? You’ve just cursed yourself with a potential self-fulfilling prophecy.

Ever agonize endlessly about something that might happen? Worrying is like praying for something bad to happen.

We jinx others by saying things like, “He’ll never find another woman as good as me. I hope his next girlfriend hurts him worse than he hurt me.”

In turn, others may knowingly or unknowingly curse us with their repeated negativ e thoughts and words.

Why Curses, Hexes, Jinxes Must Be Deactivated ASAP

These wishes for undesirable things to happen to us can actually impede our success in ANY and ALL areas of life, love, health, and business.

These ill wishes may feel like a sticky, heavy energy slowing you down. You may feel unwilling to face another day at work, have no energy to start or finish your to-do list tasks, be accident prone, suffer with insomnia or eating disorders.

Curses Common to the Psychic Industry

After I got my first Psychic of the Month award, I began noticing increasing resistance to getting online to do readings. I started feeling repulsed by doing the work I used to love.

I’d sometimes see dark, nasty blobs of energy enter my house through my patio doors and head right toward me, then lodge in my torso. It felt like a visible force punched me in the gut. Scary stuff!

During a meditation on this topic, Spirit revealed that a psychic coworker was practicing the dark arts, putting curses on everyone else’s success except hers.

As soon as I cleared those energies, I felt immediately lighter, joyful and determined to serve as many clients as possible. That energy shift and the resulting emotional shift were proof that there were energy blocks.

A colleague on the site told me that she also felt “something weird” around her but couldn’t identify it. I shared my information with her, saying I thought I must be incorrect about the source of the negative energies. This co-worker verified the info with her Guides as correct.

We both got into the habit of clearing all curses, hexes and jinxes from ourselves then sharing the clearing with each other and all the other readers on the site.

On some days we had to do this more than once, as angry clients who didn't hear what they expected had cursed everyone who worked for the company - even the customer service reps and business owners!

Can you see how this info can help YOU, whatever you do for a living or even if you're retired?

How to Neutralize Curses and Negative Energies

Clear your energy by tapping gently with your index finger under your nose. Several acupressure points in this area will be triggered to purge energy as you repeat these statements aloud or in your mind three times:

  • I scramble, neutralize, and release the energies of all curses, hexes and jinxes that I’ve put on myself or that anyone has put on me in this life, all past lives, all parallel lives and in my DNA.

  • I now clear my fears of failure, rejection, tough times and feeling unsafe in all areas of my life. I scramble, neutralize, and release the energies of all limitations that I’ve put on my life, or that others have put on my life, all past lives, all parallel lives, and in my ancestral lineage.

  • I now bless every person, place and thing in Creation, and I am blessed in return. So be it.

Put your hand down, relax, and take a few refreshing breaths. You may notice your energy moving about your body or getting lighter.

Please consider doing this quick exercise whenever you feel blocked, resistant or not in harmony about anything in your life.

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