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My Freaky Foray as a Phone Psychic: Part 7

I’m Possessed - Do You Do Exorcisms?

By Colleen FlanaganPublished 7 months ago Updated 5 months ago 5 min read
My Freaky Foray as a Phone Psychic: Part 7
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My weekly psychic reading client “Otis” confessed that he’d felt possessed since childhood. He suspected that an evil spirit had been living in his lower torso, causing constant discomfort, indigestion and pain.

To quell my skepticism, I dowsed to read the energetic validity of his suspicions. I didn’t believe that possession was the problem. Maybe this hard-working businessman simply needed more fiber in his diet?

My dowsing quickly indicated that yes, there was a demon. My clairvoyance (intuitive mental pictures) showed a nasty dark energy lurking and twisting about in his bowels. Yikes!

Resisting a panicked urge to hang up before the demon came through the phone lines to snatch up my soul or jump into MY bowels, I asked him for details on how he thought this happened.

Meantime, I mentally invoked Archangel Michael to bring his Legions of Protectors to envelop us (especially our colons) in white light protection.

How Otis Got Possessed

As a young boy, Otis had upset a scary older woman who practiced the black arts. (What he did wasn’t that bad, in my opinion or his--he was just being a boy.)

This crone cursed him, grabbed his hand and called a demon in to possess him for the rest of his life. Otis actually felt a strong, repugnant energy come from her hand into his, travel up his arm, down his torso and nestle below his navel, where it took up residence churning in his bowels.

Decades later, this man’s lower abdomen still felt pain and tightness. He’d suffered from digestive tract ailments but doctors could NOT find any reasons for his distress. Otis, a devout church goer, had also talked to his pastor and other religious leaders about this situation, but nothing they did alleviated his stubborn condition.

A local seer in his town offered to rid him of the demon for "only $3,000."

I told Otis that we'd attempt to de-possess him on our call that day--no extra charge. He was delighted and eager to begin, despite me cautioning him that little or nothing might happen, as I had no experience in exorcisms.

Our Freaky Exorcism by Phone

The technique I used did work, but I can't take credit as it was Spirit's inspiration working through me. Although anxious at first, I felt Archangel Michael's warm, calming love flowing in from the top of my head to the tips of my toes, filling me with confidence and wisdom.

During our seven minute clearing exercise, I heard Otis (who sat in his vehicle in a deserted parking lot on his lunch break) gasping for breath, grunting, moaning and groaning.

I kept asking him, “Are you okay? Keep breathing normally for me, alright?” I felt nauseous from the hideous energies moving around in him, and clairvoyantly saw visions of the Archangels pulling this stubborn demon out of Otis.

Whoa! I sensed a rush of joyful, loving energy enter us both. I knew the demon was gone, and asked that Otis’s energy system be sealed up with protective light. I heard the words, “It is done.”

Otis said he’d never experienced anything as bizarre as what we'd done. I replied that I hadn’t either!

Yes, I’d vanquished nasty energies, curses/hexes/jinxes, and evil spirits with other clients before, thanks to the help of the Angelic Realms. But I’d never exorcised a decades old demon, purposefully planted in someone to punish them for life.

EPILOGUE: Otis remained demon-free, in good spirits, glowing health, and high energy after our clearing. He called me for business readings several times afterward, and always expressed his delight at his newfound digestive tract's well being. He couldn't wait to see the look on his doctor's face when he shared how he was cured.

The basic method I used with this client is below.


If you have ANY DOUBTS about doing this kind of work on yourself or anyone else, then DON’T DO IT.

When dealing with other-worldly fiends, it’s ALWAYS better to be safe than sorry… or possessed!

Step-By-Step Demon-Busting

  1. Asked for maximum protection around Otis and me, giving permission to Archangel Michael and his Legions of Warriors to keep us safe.
  2. Told Otis to be continually tapping or massaging gently under his nose with a fingertip. This action cleared the dark, dense energies from his Governing Vessel Meridian and eventually his entire energy system. Otis was to relax, breathe normally, and listen to me speak as he tapped below his nose.
  3. I spun my pendulum counterclockwise as I asked Spirit to guide me. I don’t have a transcript of the session, but I recall invoking God, the Angelic Realms, Ascended Masters and Saints to come in, protect and assist us to completely remove all non-beneficial energies from Otis, especially those curses, hexes, jinxes, and demons from the old crone.
  4. I checked in with Otis through the entire process, while he helped out by telling me where he felt the nasty energy move around his body, as the demon tried to escape and hide. We both felt a big release from our torsos when the negative energy was all removed.
  5. Afterward, I spun my pendulum clockwise, thanked and invoked the same Celestial Beings of Light to keep Otis safe and replace the demon’s energies with nourishing, protective light, the spirits of love, healing, well being, freedom, prosperity and peace. I also recharged all of his energy centers, called back his soul fragments, and disconnected him from all morphic fields and thought forms that were not for his highest good and benefit.

Lost souls and purposely evil people may unknowingly or intentionally summon demonic energies then send them to afflict others. You may not believe this fact. That's okay. Neither did I until Otis called that fateful afternoon.

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