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My Freaky Foray as a Phone Psychic: Part 8 of 8

How to Begin to Do Your OWN Psychic Readings

By Colleen FlanaganPublished 6 months ago Updated 6 months ago 5 min read
My Freaky Foray as a Phone Psychic: Part 8 of 8
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As eventually happens, the time came for several of my favorite clients to begin doing their own intuitive readings rather than depend on me.

We’d established a friendship as well as a mentorship. I’d given them homework to develop their skills and they’d eagerly taken the time to do their “inner work”. I gently suggested they call me far less, and do readings for themselves and open-minded loved ones. This request was a form of tough love, but in integrity per Spirit's guidance. My heart went out to them, as the same situation happened to me.

Decades ago, my favorite psychic told me goodbye. I felt lost, hurt and devastated. Eva explained that I should be giving rather than receiving readings, and shared ways to expand my third eye. Later, two more talented intuitives said the same thing: it was time for me to serve with my knowingness. I’m glad I took their advice as I’ve helped myself and many others via my perceptive skills.

Why Develop Your Intuition?

No matter what you do in life, having a strong, accurate intuition is a huge asset. Spirit's insight and warnings have "saved my bacon" many times.

For example, one morning as I drove down a side street on my way to work, I "heard" in my mind, "Slow now! Children running out!" I took my foot off the gas pedal and two seconds later a little girl ran from behind a parked truck into the street in front of my Saturn.

I slammed on my car brakes and when she was safely on the sidewalk, I moved my foot to the gas pedal. The warning "No! More coming!" echoed through my mind. I put my foot back on the brake.

Sure enough, a boy younger than the girl ran into the street from behind another parked vehicle, right into my car's path. Thank goodness I listened to my intuition or I might be in prison instead of writing for YOU on Vocal.

We ALL have intuitive gifts to guide us through life. I believe these gifts are meant to be grown, expressed and used often.

Most of our sixth senses were repressed or shut down in childhood by authority figures or religious propaganda. No matter what age you are, it's NOT too late to UNLOCK your intuition, as I did.

This doesn’t mean you have to open a psychic reading business. It means the time has come for you grow your spiritual gifts. Trust me, it's well worth the effort!

How to Know It's Time

If you suspect you’re in that transitional period of going from psychic client to novice psychic reader, here are three ways to know for sure:

1) You feel frustrated or upset as your psychics' readings are not as accurate, in-depth, or exciting as they used to be.

2) You have daily urges to do your own psychic readings, but talk yourself out of it as you don’t know how to begin or don’t trust yourself.

3) Your favorite psychic shares messages from Spirit that your Guides are asking you to begin doing readings for yourself.

Two Steps to Begin Doing Intuitive Readings

As with all creative skills, doing accurate intuitive readings depends on fearlessness in expressing yourself then practicing your art.

Step One: Identify then Release Fearful Emotions

Fear is the biggest block to intuition, especially fear of failure to be accurate, fear of being ridiculed and rejected by colleagues or family, fear that you'll attract ghosts, demons or other discarnate spirits.

Flush out your fears by asking, “What’s the worst that can happen if my intuitive skills become stronger and well-developed?” Asking this question is NOT negative, it triggers your conscious and subconscious minds to provide answers. Write down every thought on this topic, no matter how ridiculous it seems to you. If you thought of this possibility, then it’s lurking somewhere in your energy system.

CLEAR those fears you listed, one at a time, by using your preferred fear clearing modality as you repeat the clearing statements.

If you don't have a emotional release method, here's one I recommended to my clients: gently tap under your nose, which stimulates your Governing Vessel Meridian endpoints. As you tap, state three times what fear you're letting go, e.g., "I now release my fear of growing my psychic skills and somehow attracting non-beneficial spirits into my life and home." When you feel 100% confident and fearless, release the next one on your list, until you're done.

Step Two: Select a Reading Tool and Practice Often

When I first started doing readings for myself, I didn’t trust the intuitive hits I received via mental messages. I began using Angel oracle cards as they felt safer than the Tarot decks I'd investigated.

As I write this, I have eight decks of oracle cards and use different ones depending on my mood. The best one I can recommend to immediately do readings is psychic John Holland’s colorful 65 card deck with guidebook, “The Psychic Tarot Oracle”. It's based on traditional Tarot but there are no “scary” cards (Death, Devil, Tower), only nurturing messages. Mr. Holland created the deck specifically to enhance psychic skills.

If reading cards doesn't resonate with you, shop online or check out the available tools at a metaphysical store, take a class, learn how to dowse, or read books on this topic.

If YOU are thinking about becoming a psychic reader or simply interested in reading more about what it's like being an intuitive reader, I wrote this workbook with everything I know on the topic: Online Psychic Success Secrets

Whatever you do, please don't abandon your intuitive gifts. You may save someone's life or your own upon receiving that glimmer of Spirit's inspiration.

Namasté, you Precious and Talented Soul!


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