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My Freaky Foray as a Phone Psychic: Part 5

When Will I Marry this Celebrity?

By Colleen FlanaganPublished 7 months ago Updated 5 months ago 4 min read

Confession: I’ve enjoyed celebrity crushes since childhood, even fantasized about meeting or dating my objects of desire. But that’s as far as my daydreaming went.

Most of us mere mortals feel this way, right?

Shortly after starting my career doing psychic readings for the general public, I was taken aback to hear from callers who had fallen hopelessly in love with a celebrity. These precious souls absolutely believed that they, and a famous person they’ve never met and have little or no opportunity to meet, were destined to be married and live happily ever after in this life.

Why do they believe this with such certainty? They had a deep emotional connection with this person, often dreamed of the celebrity and had never felt this way about anyone.

Some fans interact with celebrities (or their assistants masquerading as the real person) via social media. The fans think this interaction on the socials is proof that the celebrity would love to meet them and will share the same overwhelming love that they feel.

I’ve chatted with callers who’ve fallen in love with male and female supermodels, reality TV stars, pop singers, rock stars, and actors. Oddly (or not), no one ever called me to declare their love connection for a famous politician, comedian, or writer. But I digress.

These callers usually requested a love and relationship reading that progressed as follows:

  • They did NOT tell me that the object of their desire is a celebrity.
  • When I connected into the energy of this one-sided “relationship” I received Spirit’s messages that it will never blossom into a long term relationship, and that the other person is NOT romantically interested in the caller.
  • Often I’d also perceive that the object of the caller’s desire is extremely busy, works and travels a lot, lives far away from the caller and prefers to spend a lot of time alone (hiding from fans) or is already in a romance with another person.
  • After I revealed this information to my client and asked for their confirmation, s/he would admit to a celebrity infatuation and name the person.
  • They would then want to know if there’s any way they can be together with the celebrity, or when their superstar will break up the current long term relationship.

Apologies to you, dear readers who have a celebrity crush, but in all the readings I’ve done, Spirit has never indicated that ANY of these lovelorn folks would ever even meet their icon, no less marry them.

Past Lives: One Reason for Most Fans’ Celebrity Infatuations

In each of these types of sessions, there’s always been a past life soul connection with my caller and the public figure. And that’s the compassionate truth I would share with my clients, and now with you.

Arthur and His Beloved Supermodel

Admittedly, the first time I talked to a “super fan” I was glad I wasn’t doing readings on a web camera. I had to bite my fist to stop from declaring that “Arthur” in New Jersey (not his real name) had a NO chance to meet, date and marry his supermodel dream gal from Europe.

Later in the reading, Spirit’s information was that this man’s soul had been romantically involved with the supermodel’s soul in a PAST LIFE. Their families prevented them from marrying in that time period, but they never stopped loving each other on a soul level, centuries later.

Arthur’s soul recognized hers in this life, hence the strong attraction. When I looked into his Sacred Contract, I didn’t see her (in this life) appearing to play any kind of role at any time in his life. Arthur mistakenly figured that since he’d not been in a love relationship yet in his life, he was supposed to be with the supermodel. Sharing the intuitive information I received wasn’t easy, but necessary.

Spirit’s message: the deep connection Arthur felt was confirmation that he COULD feel a love this powerful with a woman who loved him back, that he would meet her within two years, but she wouldn’t be a celebrity.

Arthur wasn’t happy with my advice but was excited to know that “normal love” as he called it was on its way to him.

Advice to the Celebrity Crush Lovelorn

Dear kind soul, I know you’re looking for hope, love and encouragement to make your dreams of marrying your celebrity a reality. Maybe you’ve been teased by family and friends after sharing your secret passion. Can you settle for knowing your souls shared one or more past lives of love or marriage, hence the attraction?

Here are two suggestions to begin:

  1. If you have an open-minded friend, please consider watching a few two-person muscle-testing / dowsing videos to learn how this detection tool works. Do past life readings on each other.
  2. If you can afford it, get a past life reading by a reputable intuitive advisor, solely focused on connections between your soul and your celebrity's soul.

Upon doing readings (via dowsing) on my favorite celebrity crushes, I’ve found past lives of mutual support and friendship too. David Bowie’s soul and mine played music together for royalty in ancient Greece. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s music enchants my soul now as it did when I knew him while my soul incarnated as a barmaid in eighteenth century Austria.

Undeniable attraction to specific countries and cultures often indicates at least one past life there. Who’s to say it isn’t the same with our heartfelt celebrity infatuations?

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  • Tiffany Gordon 6 months ago

    An eye-opening & enjoyable piece!

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