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My Freaky Foray as a Phone Psychic: Part 4

Obsession and the E-Cords that Bind Us

By Colleen FlanaganPublished 7 months ago Updated 5 months ago 4 min read

Etheric cords are energetic tubes, invisible to most humans, created when two people contemplate each other with highly charged positive or negative emotions.

Sounds weirdly woo-woo, right? I was skeptical too, until I tuned into my own energy, detected thousands of them, then severed them all. Instantly I felt relief, increased energy, bliss and freedom.

I’ve been disconnecting etheric cords from myself and others for over a decade, and we’ve all felt better for doing it. (Procedure below on how to do this for yourself and loved ones.)

Psychic clients would confess to me they were totally obsessed with an ex-lover, a college classmate, a friend, neighbor or a co-worker. They’d dramatically and repeatedly exclaim things like:

  • I can’t stop thinking about him/her!
  • I don’t know why or what this means!
  • Is this a sign we’re supposed to be in a relationship?
  • Am I supposed to contact him/her to talk about this and share my feelings?”


In all these sessions, I’ve found that the client is bound to the other person with hundreds or thousands of etheric cords. What I’m about to say next might weird you out, but please keep reading as you might be afflicted too.

What We CANNOT See CAN Harm Us

E-cords, as I like to call them, transmit our thoughts and emotions to the people to whom we are “corded”. These parasitic connections can also:

  • Cause people to feel very low energy and/or suffer with insomnia
  • Have upsetting mental conversations or arguments with the absent person
  • Trigger relentless processing of past situations with someone, then have intense angry emotions about them as if they were still together
  • Inspire stalking via social media with temptations to contact the other person, even one or both of them is in a relationship or married

The energies and emotions of e-corded people bounce back and forth like a frenzied game of Ping-Pong. When people are in romantic love or have familial love for each other, like a parent and child, e-cords can be a wonderful bonding experience. Otherwise, e-cords can make anyone feel possessed, obsessed or haunted.

I’ve had firsthand freaky experiences with e-cords from ex-boyfriends and vengeful co-workers. I’ve seen e-cords come through glass doors and windows like dark translucent demonic cables, then lodge themselves in my torso.

No need to be afraid, because these parasitic connections are easily removed.

How To Disconnect Etheric Cords

At a workshop teaching this topic, I cleared over a thousand e-cords from a woman’s ex husband. She couldn’t believe the difference when a few moments after the clearing her energy peaked, she felt lighter, more joyful and confident about her future.

Different schools of thought exist about disconnecting all etheric cords versus disconnecting only the non-beneficial cords.

I’ve heard from some metaphysical teachers that all should be cut, as they keep us on an emotional roller coaster of OPE: Other Peoples’ Emotions. I agree with that belief, and clear all in me whenever I feel my energy is off.

Three fast ways YOU can detach etheric cords:

1. Call in Archangel Michael and give him permission to sever them

2. Stimulate your Governing Vessel Meridian endpoint by tapping under your nose as you repeat, “I now neutralize and sever all cords of energy and emotion coming into me and going out of me. So be it!” You can do the same thing on behalf of your loved ones, too.

3. Spin a necklace or pendulum or your hand counterclockwise (to the left) as you repeat the above clearing phrase.

If you’re doing this for the first time, you may want to sit first. Some people feel lightheaded or dizzy afterward. Afterward, you can call in Spirit’s energy, grace and well being to fill the voids where the e-cords used to reside.

Addicted to Their Obsession

When I asked certain psychic clients for permission to detach these e-cords, some would NOT give me authorization.

They desperately clung to their connections, no matter how exasperated it made them feel or how much sleep it made them lose. They were usually dumped by their lovers or ignored by the object of their affection. They thought that somehow they could tempt the other person to love them if they kept the e-cords intact. Nope.

The problem is that the person on the other end of the e-cords is helplessly affected, too. When I informed these folks that new e-cords may be created and attach themselves after the old ones are destroyed, they still refused to be disconnected. Obviously, these obsessed souls are the ones who need a quickie e-cord severing the most.

I decided to stop debating with them and began advising, “You have over one-hundred etheric cords connecting you both and causing all these obsessive problems. Let’s clear those nasty things out right now.” With a few taps under my nose on behalf of my client and their target, the disconnection was completed in moments.

Often clients exclaimed how much better they felt, lighter and uplifted.

Many obsessed, lovelorn folks feel immense pleasure in the adrenalin rush, excitement and drama of their passionate fixation. If they can't have the real person, they live on their fantasies.

Certain people feel that never letting go, never giving up is a commendable trait, a virtue. Perhaps in certain situations it is, but not in unrequited love. Please consider cutting the cords that bind you, and getting ON with your life.

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