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My Freaky Foray as a Phone Psychic: Part 3

Handling Psychic Junkies

By Colleen FlanaganPublished 7 months ago Updated 5 months ago 4 min read

Despite psychic sites being labeled “For Entertainment Purposes Only”, most fans take their psychic readings VERY seriously. Many were so impatient to hear good news that they would call one or more psychics several times a week, spending thousands of dollars yearly calling psychic lines.

One client confessed to me that she had stolen a coworker’s credit card (after all of her own were maxed out) to charge more psychic readings on it.

From Casual Caller to Desperate Psychic Junkie

When does being a fan cross the line into being a fanatic? Psychic reading addiction happens for many reasons, including when people feel:

  • Lonely, bored or in emotional pain
  • Disempowered to make their own decisions
  • Unable to patiently wait for the Universe to bring the outcomes they desire
  • A craving for validation that there are better times ahead, such as a new love on the horizon, an old love returning, or a good paying job with a kind boss and supportive co-workers.

These lost souls get a drug-like “high” when they hear about all the splendid things coming their way. They cannot produce this high on their own, so they buy more readings, sometimes several daily, for the adrenalin rush of good news.

As a psychic of integrity, I believed it was my job to educate the public that everyone is psychic to some degree, and they can use quantum physics, i.e., the Law of Attraction, to generate and/or remove energies to create their desired reality.

I found that as I empowered my clients through subtle nudges toward using Universal Laws, they’d still contact me for readings. Our conversations became far more enjoyable, upbeat and energized. They’d stepped into their Power and I was thrilled to have helped along the way.

Psychic Addiction Signs

When certain clients told me they couldn’t pay their bills because they’d splurged on multiple advisors’ reading, I’d gently suggest that intuitive readings should be a treat, not an ongoing necessity. I’d kindly encourage them to empower themselves through self-education or recommend they seek no-cost professional financial help to create and follow a monthly budget.

Some became angry and hung up on me. Others took my advice.

Eight sad indicators that a client was addicted to readings beyond their income was that they were:

  1. Confused about conflicting readings from multiple psychics
  2. Paying for readings before the prediction timelines occurred
  3. Buying readings to confirm other readings they recently received
  4. Told by loved ones that they are addicted to psychic readings
  5. Buying readings but cannot pay bills, mortgage, rent or buy groceries
  6. Unable to make life decisions on their own and need a psychic’s input
  7. Confessing they craved the adrenalin rush of several readings a day/week
  8. Finding that their readings from reliable psychics are no longer correct

Spirit’s Message In Psychic Addiction

When I thought a client was overdoing his or her sessions with me, I’d tenderly suggest that their natural intuition was yearning to be opened like a treasure chest filled with precious jewels.

I’d inform them that they are psychic too, but probably repressed their gifts as children to appear “normal” or to fit in with others, as I had to do as a young adult. I’d tell them that it’s time to embark upon a new aspect of spiritual enlightenment.

Most didn’t know where to begin, so I’d propose these FIVE options, which will work for ANYONE wanting to boost their intuition... yes, even YOU, gentle reader:

  1. Attend local classes and join online metaphysical groups
  2. Read books, listen to audios or videos on growing intuitive skills
  3. Absorb info from online videos and articles on enhancing intuitive skills
  4. Learn how to dowse with a pendulum or use muscle-testing for intuition
  5. Buy a box of oracle cards. They don’t have to be Tarot cards; they can be Angel cards, Ascended Master cards, or any kind that intrigues them

The clients who took my advice always returned for readings. Some wanted me to find and clear their blocks to intuition. Others asked for my predictions to compare to their own findings.

Best of all, they no longer sounded needy and helpless. Our time together was often focused on enlightened topics. Many of these delightful, open-minded folks would eventually to on to inspire others to self-empowerment, too.

That’s what we’re all here for, right? To paraphrase spiritual teacher and author Ram Dass, when it’s all said and done we’re all just walking each other Home.

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P.S. - If YOU are thinking about becoming a psychic reader, this workbook will help you get started: Online Psychic Success Secrets

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