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My Freaky Foray as a Phone Psychic: Part 2

Truth in a Time of Deceit

By Colleen FlanaganPublished 7 months ago Updated 5 months ago 3 min read

Doing readings for complete strangers by phone was alarming to me at first. I had to decipher Spirit’s whispers very quickly, translate and expand upon the one word or strong feeling or weird vision that came to me, then share it with the client.

My Psychic Code of Ethics was to always tell the truth… and accept the sometimes hostile consequences. Bogus psychics, mindful only of their income, will tell clients anything, and weave a false fairy tale of future bliss to string along gullible souls.

Being Honest In A Time of Deceit

Author George Orwell wrote, “In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” This statement is true for intuitive readers, too.

My biggest challenges arose when clients who had been lied to then called ME, and I was the only reader who told them Spirit’s truth.

Whether the truth was about a timeframe, an ex-sweetheart returning, a divorce becoming final or a married person leaving their spouse to be with the client, I often heard, “But everyone else said something different.”

Most of these wounded folks don’t want to hear that:

  • Absolute truths do not exist
  • The future is fluid, created by our emotionally charged thoughts
  • All situations have more than one potential outcome due to decisions made by everyone involved

These vulnerable souls demanded to know from me, “Why are YOU the only psychic who’s telling me this?”

Soon I learned that certain mistrustful customers were testing me to verify I was telling the truth. They had received similar information from other advisors, but wanted to see if I’d change my revelations or stick by what I’d said. They would think that if I didn’t waver from what I’d said, it must be the truth.

Many clients purchase multiple readings about their most important topics: love and money. Some only select advisors who tell them whatever they want to hear.

When my reading was challenged, I’d reply that I’m passing along the information that I receive from Spirit without judgment. I’d stress the last two words to a client, subtly suggesting that they not judge the messages. Some picked up on this, some did not and others knew what I meant but ignored it. I’d then suggest that they give the situation a few days to see what develops in their future.

Most of the time, clients responded that yes, it’s the truth and I was the only psychic to see it and share it.

The Universe rewarded me for my integrity and truthfulness. I experienced an enhanced intuition as a result of trusting my gifts.

Being Attacked for Telling the Truth

An enraged mother of an older teen called me for a reading, demanding to know why her daughter who I’ll call “Suzy”, was fired from her job.

Immediately, the Archangels showed me a vision of a teenager spending far too much time schmoozing colleagues on the job instead of working.

I heard the words, “…socializes, warned often to focus on job or lose it”. I shared this with “Mom”. She rejected it all.

I asked what other psychics and her daughter had told her. She said her daughter was too upset and refused to talk about it. Other advisors claimed the teen had been stealing things from work and/or not showing up at all.

I replied that yes, the teen had been stealing her co-workers’ time, but not taking items for which she hadn’t paid. The teen was punctual, honest, and enjoyed the job for the socialization aspects; she always came to her job on time, but did very little actual work.

The client completely rejected my information, exclaiming, "My daughter would never do anything like that, YOU must be wrong!" She told me to check three times with Spirit and I did. The same answer was given each time. At the end of our call, this mother sounded bitter, resentful and annoyed. I prayed that she wouldn’t give me a bad review for telling her what I knew to be the truth.

Later that day, the mother called back, apologized and told me that I was the ONLY advisor who was correct. Her daughter finally confessed the truth, which completely matched what I’d shared. She’d told the customer service team this fact and asked that my name be listed on her account as her one and ONLY preferred reader.


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