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If We Were All The Same

Life Would Be Tedious

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 17 days ago 3 min read
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I am not sure what this is going to be about or which direction it will go in. I was just thinking about how everyone is so different from everyone else in their tastes, actions, and many other things.

There is so much I cannot do or deal with that others seem to do without even thinking and it does leave me in awe of them.

Some Things I Can't Do That Others Do In Spades

I cannot cope with too many things at the same time. Discord was too much for me. When there are lots of entries for short-form Vocal Challenges that affects me mentally so I have to ignore them.

Although I administer one group and am a nominated administrator in another I cannot deal with too many of the Vocal Facebook Groups. I don't know if that affects my audience, but I do have a large following on Vocal, though I don't know who they are, or if I am subscribed to them.

I see many of my Facebook and Vocal friends posting their stories and commenting on mine and I feel incredibly guilty when I feel I am not being reciprocal. I really do feel I don't do enough.

I also can't deal with Vocal Notifications because 95% of the time it is just a list of publications that I can see on my subscription feed, which is one of the places I prefer to find stories to read. If it appears in my notifications I will probably not see it. I want to know who has subscribed to me and who has left comments on my stories so that I can respond appropriately.

I try and structure what I can do as a creator and administrator to give as much time as I can to make others feel they are being taken notice of and cared for but I do feel I fall short when I see what others are doing.

Though I love writing fiction and poetry (you know who to blame for that), less than 1% of my output in these areas has gained Top Story status and I have never placed in a Vocal Challenge in two and a half years, though many Vocal and Facebook friends I know have, so that makes me feel like a failure, but it shows that the way our success comes is often in different ways for different people. Because I have a large Vocal audience I tend to get a reasonable number of reads, but others get their reads outside of Vocal, or success by winning challenges and gaining Top Stories. It is good that success is shared in this way.

Some Things That I Can Do

I think that I can write, and am lucky to have the inspiration to be able to write on almost any subject, hence being able to write this piece that you are reading.

I am thinking how thankful I am that I can write this online and people will be able to read this as soon as it is published. Once over this would have been impossible because it would have had to have been published in some form of printed format.

I have ideas for the group that I administer and we try to be inclusive and supportive, but being so open does mean the odd bad egg tries to take advantage, but I have put things in place to stop that happening automatically. I am reasonably technically competent.

I am also ok with numbers. I have written 1620 Vocal Stories, 640 are poems so that is around sixty-four thousand words leaving 980 other pieces which is about six-hundred thousand words, so I can obviously come up with a word or two.

If you feel I have missed something of yours let me know and I will try and read it and comment.

I am also fine giving advice and encouraging others.


I am not sure if this article did what I wanted it to, but for me it has been therapeutic and I hope that you took something from it.

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Excellent work. Looking forward to reading more!

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  • ThatWriterWoman13 days ago

    I am glad you found this therapeutic to share, it was very interesting to read!

  • ThatWriterWoman13 days ago

    I agree so hard with the crowded notification bell on vocal! I think there should be a separate feed for newly posted stories from followed creators. Then, someone's feed can just be likes, comments, and insights.

  • Don't be too hard on yourself. You're doing so much already!

  • Cathy holmes17 days ago

    If it's therapeutic to you, that is what matters. Just keep being you. You can't control the rest.

  • If you found it therapeutic, then it has indeed performed its most important function. Beyond that, it has allowed those of us who care about you to see through another window into your life & get to know you that much better. Blessings to you.

  • Jay Kantor17 days ago

    Hi Mr. Mike ~ Thou may protest 'Kvetch' too much - Yes, it would certainly be boring if we were all the same - I can hardly keep up with the "Creative" New-Ways-to-Write Writers-among us; especially the 'F' word fillers? *Bop over to the 'Senior' "Groupie" pond sometime - We respect you. Jay Jay Kantor, Chatsworth, California 'Senior' Vocal Author - Vocal Village Community -

  • LAWAN HARUNA 17 days ago

    I really appreciate all that you are doing particularly AI Creation.

  • Well written! I’m the same way. And maybe just read my top stories I pinned that you haven’t read because I’m pretty sure those are good. If you want to, of course, and only because you’re awesome! Very well written, by the way.

  • This was really interesting to read. I honestly think that you go above and beyond. You reached out to me when my confidence was on the floor. and I was having a really tough time You didn't know that and you didn't me. You just reached out across the internet waves and made me fel seen. As for Top Story, If I'm honest, I don't put too much store in it. I am not saying on any level that Top stories are good or they are undeserved but that it is a very arbitary process. I have many things with absolutely 0 reads, so how would it ever have a chance at being top story? It depends so much on who stumbles on what when. Also, on the promotion people do of their work. Sometimes I've seen top stories published with in a hour of them being written, sometimes it's two weeks later. So a Top story is a culmination of so many things that aren't really much to do with the writing at all.So overall, I think your writing is great and you shouldn't feel anything but joy when writing. and forget about top story. Just have a smile to yourself when it happens :) I don't read because I expect others to read back, I read because that's what I want to read, if they read mine because I ended up on their radar then that's great, if they don't but I like their work, I'm not going o stop reading them. Anyway, sorry for the essay. In conclusion, you are wonderful . You created Vocal, Social and built a huge, supportive community and that is one hell of a huge achievement. And if you aren't reading everything, so what, someone else -that you brouht together is! 🤍🤍🤍

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