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Were Your Jeans Created by a Sexual Assault Victim?
6 hours ago
Work. It is a fact of life and has been called inherently humanizing. Whether we like your job or not, we all agree that we have to work. But what happens when the job you have frequently puts you at ...
What Is Up With White Men and Mass Shootings?
11 days ago
This story has been updated following the recent 2019 Mass Shootings. I am going to come out and address the proverbial elephant in the mass shooting room: what is up with all of the White guys commit...
Let That Sh*t Go: A Tribute to Toni Morrison
15 days ago
Today, Toni Morrison transitioned from living legend to ancestor. As a writer, a book nerd, a creative, and as a Black Woman, I am in mourning. The world is in mourning, and a simple social media scro...
How a 10-Year-Old Boy Being Charged with Assault Over a Dodgeball Game Proves Over-Policing Is Real
22 days ago
Imagine being a mom of a 10-year-old boy received a phone call from your local juvenile court telling you that your son is about to be charged with assault. That is what happened to Cameishi Lindley w...
Forever 21 Is Sending Plus-Size​ Shoppers Atkins Bars
a month ago
So many of us enjoy some good online shopping, especially at our favorite store's sites. But just imagine after spending your hard-earned cash and scoring some pieces only to receive your new goodies ...
Beyoncé Just GIFTed You the Album of the Summer
a month ago
I am just going to come out and say it: Beyoncé Giselle Knowles Carter literally gifted us the music of the summer. The curated and produced album that now bears a historic place in the Beyoncé canon ...