Kim Kardashian-West Is Changing Her Shapewear Line's Name

Here's why it doesn't matter...

Kim Kardashian-West Is Changing Her Shapewear Line's Name

It looks like Kim Kardashian-West is having a change of heart. The media mogul's launch of her shapewear line, formerly called Kimono, will be getting a new name shortly.

As reported earlier, Kardashian-West started a social media firestorm when it was reported that she attempted to trademark "Kimono," meaning that actual Kimono cannot be called Kimono despite the fact that they are Kimono, because Kim's shapewear is called Kimono. Never mind the thousands of years of Japanese history surrounding this garment, and its vital and honored place amongst the Japanese people. Because Kim is trademarking it, should the trademark go through, this will be the future for Kimono.

Needless to say, folks really were not having it. Twitter users had a lot to say:

But it wasn't just Twitter users who shared their displeasure with the name choices. In fact, Kim's attempt at trademarking Kimono was so prolific, even the mayor of Kyoto, in Japan, wrote an official letter begging her not to do so:

Well, it looks like, following days of outpouring of displeasure about the shapewear brand, Kim has had a change of heart. She recently shared the following:

While well written and a nice sentiment, Kim's "apology" changes nothing for folks who had to experience the blatant disrespect of having a venerated and time-honored culture disrespected in such a fashion.

What is there to learn, Kim? That it is inappropriate to take elements of other people's culture and attempt to use it for your own gain? That it is inappropriate to steal from other cultures, of which you have no heritage, and to which you have no claim? Seems like common sense, unless you are an entrepreneur who is used to getting away with certain behaviors and finally get called out on it.

This is one of those things that should have NEVER happened. It literally makes no sense to name your shapewear after a treasured garment such as a Kimono, and then attempt to trademark said name, so that even those whom Kimono belong to cannot use it.

You don't get any brownie points for fixing this.

You don't get brownie points for doing the right thing after you personally caused so much grief and anger.

You don't get brownie points for making a good decision as a result of public dragging for your bad one.

If Kim was truly learning she would have never done this to begin with. Period.

Hopefully, Kardashian-West will actually learn from this experience, and mend her ways in order to make better choices for her brand in the future.

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