Stephanie Gladwell

Mother of two, educator of many. Teaches middle-school biology and chemistry. Always interested in exploring the unknown.

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Lifehacks That Will Save You Money on Bills
2 days ago
There's no need to pay outrageously priced bills. If you change a few habits now, you'll be well on your way to utilizing lifehacks that will save you money on bills without even realizing it, putting...
10 Gifts for Your New STEM Grad
6 days ago
An education in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) is one of the most challenging degrees to obtain. Over the last decade, the popularity in these courses have increased, becoming more ...
Why Do People Homeschool Their Children?
11 days ago
Among those with school-aged children, 3 percent of people homeschool them, according to the National Home Education Research. They also showed that 91 percent said that they homeschooled children bec...
10 Fascinating Books About Eating Disorders
12 days ago
Eating disorders are something that plague many people, young and old. Although they are stereotypically considered the stuff of "teen angst" or limited to women—that’s not the case. There are some fa...
10 Expensive Highlighter Palettes Worth Buying
13 days ago
Beauty products are not cheap. Even cheap makeup is expensive. Think about it; how many times have you given an inexpensive highlighter palette the benefit of the doubt, bought it, and then realized t...
Ethnic Makeup Brands You Need to Know About
21 days ago
If people didn't want to feel beautiful, the beauty industry wouldn't be worth some $445 billion. Still, most of the beauty products sold by mainstream makeup brands are designed for people of white E...