Stephanie Gladwell

Mother of two, educator of many. Teaches middle-school biology and chemistry. Always interested in exploring the unknown.

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Why Should Kids Care About the Stock Market?
9 months ago
Currently, the New York Stock Exchange has a total capitalization of $15 trillion. That’s a higher monetary value compared to all of the money in the US Treasury. How can this be? Due to the amount of...
Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Dream Wedding
a year ago
There are many mistakes to avoid when planning your dream wedding, errors that can keep your special day from running smoothly. Timing is the most critical thing to consider as you envision your big d...
Best Science Documentaries on Netflix
a year ago
Nature and science documentaries on Netflix can bring about a variety of emotions. Whether you're watching the best space documentaries or the best cryptozoology documentaries, these films can inspire...
10 Must Know Pregnancy Lifehacks
a year ago
So, you are having a baby! Congratulations! You are preparing to bring a new life into this world. But you are also slowly realizing that there are all these things about being pregnant that nobody ev...
How to Keep Car Floors Clean
a year ago
When it comes to big purchases, few are bigger than getting a new, or at least new to you, car. To keep your new car fresh or restore some life to your beater, we've gathered the top tips to getting y...
How to Properly Back Up Your Computer
a year ago
It's a scene that's played out in homes across America: the toddler spilling water all over your work computer. Or your laptop being swiped at the local coffee shop. Or, the ancient laptop you've been...