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Hunt for the Jackpot
6 days ago
This story is about my new YouTube series and how it all started. I loved buying lottery tickets since I was old enough to buy them, and my late grandpa got me hooked on them. He was also a big gambler. The most he ever won was $500 from a $10 scratch-off ticket. Let me tell you how it happened. When I was on summer break from my second year in high school, I used to go to his trailer almost every morning so we could go fishing together. It was early one morning, and I was over at his trailer fo...
My First Time in Las Vegas Gone Wrong
23 days ago
My first ever time in Las Vegas. My brother and I went to Vegas for three nights. Well... it was supposed to be three nights. Let me explain. I and my brother landed at the Vegas airport then took an ...
Demon in My Room
a month ago
This true story happened to me in GA about 6 years ago. I was laying in my bed. It was about 1 am or so. I was about to fall asleep when I heard a noise coming from my window. I didn't know if it was ...
My Life in the Military
a month ago
The date was February 7, 1965. I just had my 20th birthday, and the day after I was called into war. There I was, in a foxhole with a pistol on my side, and a M16 both with only 100 rounds. All of the...