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Kentucky Lake Fishing Trip

by Mcdaveo Brand about a year ago in family travel

Moors Resort and Marina

Kentucky Lake Fishing Trip

On October 11 2019, we all went to Moors Resort and Marina on Kentucky lake. It was me, my dad, my aunt, and her boyfriend, for four nights. Let me share everything that happened. So. About three weeks or so before we went, we all made plans over the phone to get off work and go on a big weekend vacation to Moors Resort on Kentucky lake.

Day 1.

The morning of the 11th, me and my dad woke up at about 7 AM or so, then started heading to Kentucky lake. It was gonna be about seven hours or so to get there. Our road trip getting there was awesome. We only stopped a few times, to eat and use the restroom. We got there at about 5:15 PM. We were coming from GA, but my aunt and her boyfriend were coming from IL so they got there about an hour or so after we did. Me and my dad checked in to our cabin when we got there, then waited for my aunt and her boyfriend to get there. When they did, me and my aunt went fishing by our cabin til sunset. I got two baby smallmouth bass, and a baby stripper. My aunt got a few smallmouth, also. After sunset, we all had a bonfire. It was nice. After the fire, we had a snack or two, then went to bed.

Day 2.

Me and my aunt got up between 7 and 7:30 AM. We went to the restaurant at the resort for breakfast. I had two blueberry pancakes with sweet tea. I'm from the south, so I love my sweet tea. My aunt had two eggs, then, after breakfast, it was fishing time. We had all day to fish and do what we wanted, so we walked from the restaurant to our cabin, got all of our fishing gear together, and then walked to the marina to fish. We fished there for about two hours or so, with no luck. We got a few bites, but that was it. We went. After that, we went back to our cabin and fished there. We got six fish altogether that day. For lunch, we just ate in our cabin. I went out and fished some more after lunch, while my aunt and everyone stayed in and rested. That night, we went back to the restaurant for dinner. I went to bed early that night, at about 8 PM, because I was tired from fishing all day, and also I wanted to get up early for another day of fishing.

Day 3.

I woke up at 7:45 AM. I wanted to just go right to fishing, but my aunt and her boyfriend were going back home that morning, and I wanted to say goodbye before I went fishing. At about 8:30 AM, I helped them pack up and I said goodbye to them and then after, I went fishing. I went down to the marina, and sat my fishing gear down on the picnic table on the marina dock, and went inside and got a bottle of sweet tea, a small bag of gummy bears, and a small bag of sour cream and onion chips. Those were my snacks for the whole day of fishing. I was fishing at the marina for a good three or four hours. I took a lot of really good pictures on my phone. I was having the best time. Me and my dad went to that restaurant for dinner, and I had fried cod and hash-puppies, just like in the picture above. After dinner, we went back to our cabin and I fished while my dad watched TV. I got a few baby largemouth bass that night.

Day 4.

It was our last full day there. I woke up at 7 AM, and at 7:40 AM, I went by myself to the restaurant for breakfast. My dad is not a morning person, even on vacation. I only had a small breakfast, then fishing. I wanted to catfish that day, and since it was my last day of fishing there, I went fishing all day, trying to get at least one catfish but nothing. All I got all weekend was baby largemouth, baby smallmouth, and one baby stripper. The one stripper was not even big enough to eat, but I still had the best time at Moors Resort and Marina on Kentucky lake. All the staff there are friendly and they always treat you like family. Moors Resort and Marina on Kentucky lake is my number one favorite fishing place to go to. The cabins are nice. The staff is nice. The restaurant food is awesome, and the fishing is the fisherman's or fisherwoman's dream. I highly recommend going there, but in the summer they book up fast.

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