Slender-Man Almost Got Me

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Slender-man is Real?

Slender-Man Almost Got Me

One day my dad told me a scary story about this man-like creature called slender-man. He has no face and he has eight long arms that come out of his back. At first, I didn't believe him but after hearing a lot of different stories about the man-like creature, I started getting more & more into it. As I got older I heard a story about if you go into the bathroom and turn off the lights and say slender-man three times in the mirror, he will appear and come for you. Years later, I was 21. It was right after my 21st birthday. me and all my friends were messing around in the woods at 10 PM that night when we heard something behind the trees. "It's just animals," I said as we kept walking.

Night 1. Trying to capture slender-man.

We set out to try to capture slender-man. It was a dark and rainy night. We made our way about two miles into the woods. We were going to set a trap for slender-man. What we were going to do is set a net on the ground and cover it with leaves so if or when slender-man stepped on it, the net would trap him inside and hang in the tree. We walked home that night. "What if we really do catch slender-man?" I asked to one of my friends.

My friend said, "If we do really catch him everyone will know us as the guys that killed slender-man." We all got home and went to bed. The next night we set out to the spot to see if we captured slender-man or not and this is what we found.

Night 2. We captured slender-man

We got to the spot where we set our trap for him and look! "We got slender-man," I said. We all could not believe it. I didn't know he was real. "I thought he was just made up," I said.

"What are we going to do with him now?" one of my friends asked?

Another of my friends asked, "What do you mean?"

I replied. "What he said. We already got him in the net. So. What now?"

One of my other friends said, "Let us just take pictures then let him go instead of killing him." It was time to go home for dinner so we said we would think about it and come back for him.

Night 3. Slender-man almost got me

"What are we going to do with him?" I asked. We all decided to just take pictures and let him go. We all took out our cell phones and started taking pictures but then the rope that was tied to the net snapped and slender-man got out. We were all scared. We didn't know what to do. Slender-man picked me up by my neck but one of my friends threw a rock and hit him where his face would be and we got away. When we got home we were happy that we all had pictures of slender-man.

All grown up and friends moved away.

Well. I'm all grown up now living in an apartment on my own and all my friends moved away, but they still call me from time to time. We all still have pictures of the night we captured slender-man. That is one night none of us will ever forget. One of my friends is living with his mom taking care of her. My other friend is living alone also. We still share pictures to this day. If anyone asks if slender-man is real, just say, "Anything can be real if you believe in it."

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