Hunt for the Jackpot

by Mcdaveo Brand about a year ago in grandparents

My YouTube Series

This story is about my new YouTube series and how it all started.

I loved buying lottery tickets since I was old enough to buy them, and my late grandpa got me hooked on them. He was also a big gambler. The most he ever won was $500 from a $10 scratch-off ticket. Let me tell you how it happened.

When I was on summer break from my second year in high school, I used to go to his trailer almost every morning so we could go fishing together. It was early one morning, and I was over at his trailer for coffee and donuts that we got in his old pickup. It was an old Ford f-150. It was red and white. It had about 200,000 miles on it, so I think it was on its last leg, but I don't know. I still don't really know about cars enough to tell you. But anyway, we stopped at this bait shop called "The Happy Hooker" to get our fish bait before we went fishing. I got two dozen nightcrawlers and my grandpa got red worms. After we got our fish bait, we stopped at a gas station to get breakfast. I got a cheese omelet with bacon, and so did my grandpa. After we ate there, we both got lottery tickets. He got two $10 scratch-offs and I only got one $10 scratch off. I won $10 from mine.

I was about to go in and get either another ticket or my money back, but all of a sudden, I heard my grandpa yell out, "HOLY SHIT! I WON!" I ran over to him, because anyone that buys a $10 scratch-off knows that you can win big from those tickets, so I ran over to him and asked, "How much did you win grandpa?"

He said, "I won $500."

I said, "Holy shit! That's good."

He went into the store to get the $500. After that, we went fishing all day. We went fishing from 9 AM 'til 3 PM. We both caught a few catfish, then went home for the day. When we got back to my grandpa's trailer, I was about to walk home. My grandpa gave me $100. I asked what it was for, and my grandpa said, "Because I love you."

I gave him a big hug and said, "I love you too, grandpa." He told me that we could go fishing again in a few days because he had to work tomorrow. My grandpa said that the next time we went fishing, he would take me out for lunch after.

"Want to go?" he asked. I said yes. I'll never say no to lunch. Next time we went fishing, we didn't get a single bite for two hours.

"Let's go to the China house," my grandpa said. My grandpa called it the China house, but it was this old Chinese restaurant. I forgot the name of it, but I remember them having really good pork on the stick. Ever since then, I loved buying lotto tickets. I hope one day I win it big, but 'til then, I have a new YouTube series called "Hunt for the Jackpot." Whenever I can afford it, I buy a lotto ticket, then I make a video of me scratching it off. I don't know how many episodes of the "Hunt for the Jackpot" I have to do before I win, but I hope not too many. I will be posting more videos soon so, make sure to go and subscribe. I have a speech problem, so please bear with me.

Mcdaveo Brand
Mcdaveo Brand
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