Jennifer Violet

Bakes sweets ever Thursday and donates them to her local homeless shelter. Is an owner to five pugs and can count to 500 in French.

How to Clean a Keurig Machine
2 months ago
I love my coffee. I can't carry on with my morning if I don't have my coffee first thing. In fact, I'm not even fully awake until I comfortably finish my first coffee of the day. Yes, I'm not fully aw...
10 Empowering Feminist Novels Every Woman Must Read
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As a feminist, we want to possess the strength and mind to take on a world that continues to be dominated by men. There are moments when we encounter situations that make us feel small and helpless in...
How To Keep Your Babies Cool in the Summer, According to Pediatricians
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When my kids were babies, I was always on the hunt for multiple ways to keep them cool in the hot summers. They are super sensitive to the sun and they'll instantly get red if they aren't coated in su...
Top Rated Air Fryers & Recipes to Use Them With
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What is an air fryer? Air fryers are one of the best appliances you can have in your kitchen because they can create so much that you can't properly make with any other appliance. They’re basically ap...
Top 10 Skincare Products for Your 40s
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Everyone should focus on a certain skincare routine that depends on their age. Since our skin changes over time, we're looking to care for it as best as possible. After changing up my skincare product...
28 Gorgeous Bar Carts Under $250
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My husband and I host a lot of dinner parties because we love spending time with our closest friends and I'm a sucker for creating big feasts. Even though we don't own a home bar (we're currently in t...