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Best Smart Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors for Your Home

Want to settle for just one device to detect smoke and CO? These are the best smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to constantly keep your home safe.

By Jennifer VioletPublished 6 years ago 5 min read

I think I've gone through about four carbon monoxide detectors and two smoke detectors throughout my life. It was so hard to settle on either one because one wouldn't work or it would completely malfunction and wouldn't stop beeping when there was nothing to alert me about—which woke up my family and I in the middle of the night. It was a major hassle when I had to keep buying two expensive products that would detect two different types of hazards. I just wished there was one device that would detect both smoke and CO and after researching if there was, there are!

There are a couple of amazing smart smoke and CO detectors on the market that can easily detect either situation. Since technology is rapidly evolving each day, we should get into what it can do for us even at home. Check out these useful smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to install in your home now.

Nest's smoke and CO alarm is a popular choice and buyers love its performance. This detector can speak up to tell you the level of smoke or CO that happening in your home. It can also tell you exactly which side of the place it’s coming from by measuring the strength of the condition. This is actually crucial for carbon monoxide because you can't smell the gas at all and won't know which area in your house it's coming from.

The Nest detector has to be hard-wired to your home’s electrical system and you can connect the alarm to the Wi-Fi to receive phone alerts if the alarm suddenly goes off or its batteries are running low. It's also an interior air quality monitor that can help you sleep better. This detector with a 10-year lifespan is a split-spectrum sensor that uses two wavelengths of light to search for both fast and slow burning fires.

Ever heard of a smoke and CO detector that can send you emails alerting the situation happening in your house? First Alert's detector is one of the best smoke and carbon monoxide detectors out there because it’s a reliable electrochemical CO and photoelectric smoke sensor. It's certified for use with Nexia Home Intelligence or any other Z-Wave systems. However, this First Alert alarm isn’t compatible with Onelink.

This alarm features a Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide protection that can alert you when you’re lounging at home or away on vacation or work. The photoelectric smoke sensor helps reduce false alarms like smoke from cooking and even shower steam. If you cook and the smoke is constantly making your alarm go off just as you're learning how to make baked Alaska, then you should certainly switch to First Alert’s alarm.

There are many smoke alarms that can't detect the smallest fire happening anywhere in the house—only major fires that are already too late to put out on your own. Wouldn't you want a detector that can notice a small fire happening anywhere and alert you to put it out immediately? That's the type of detector many of us are searching for because it's better to spot a small fire and put it out ourselves than waiting for the alarm to detect a much bigger fire that we can't get rid of ourselves.

Kidde's smoke and CO alarm can spot smaller, less visible fire particles compared to the many alarms out there. This one device announces hazards like “warning, carbon monoxide” and “fire, fire, fire,” so you’ll know which one to look out for!

Looking for an alarm that works with Alexa? First Alert’s Onelink Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector is one of the greatest smoke and carbon monoxide detectors that works with Amazon Alexa. It even allows you to use simple voice integration with your alarm. This 10-year battery backup is designed to prevent you from buying expensive battery replacements. Since it’s designed to last for 10 years, it’s known to be the longest time permitted by the National Fire Code.

This alarm also talks to you and tells you the danger that’s occurring in which side of your home. This alarm is compatible with most existing hardwired alarms, so when one alarm goes off, all compatible alarms will go off, too, alerting you to the danger wherever you are at home.

The Halo alarm is equipped with gold standard photoelectric and ionization sensors, which was recommended by the NFPA in smoke detection to perform in tandem to detect both quick flames and smoke fires while also detecting CO, heat, and humidity. If the alarm senses a problem occurring, a voice alert will let you know what’s happening, will set off a ring of light, and you’ll also get an alert straight to your smartphone.

When you’re notified through your phone, the alarm will tell you exactly what’s happening. You can also connect your detector with other smart home platform partners like Iris, Alexa, SmartThings, and much more. Your smart home isn’t complete without the Halo smoke and CO detector!

Universal Security Instruments' smoke and carbon monoxide alarm is among the top smoke and carbon monoxide detectors because of its ability to immediately detect anything that happening at home. This alarm features Microprocessor Intelligence that provides superior nuisance alarm resistance in addition to temperature and humidity compensation, self-diagnostics, and Quick Find alarm origination.

If you’re in need of a new smoke alarm and a CO detector, simply get your hands on a device that alerts you to both! This 120-Volt AC/DC hardwired combination carbon monoxide and natural gas detector provides you with time-saving installation and is in top quality to fully be relied on whenever you’re not home.

This alarm is definitely sleek, smooth, and 100 percent reliable in detecting both smoke and CO anywhere in your house. The Honeywell Fire Alarm Detector by Xiaomi Mijia is perfect to keep in the kitchen since it's one of the main rooms that can have either fire or carbon monoxide happening. If you've accidentally left your chicken in the oven before heading out, the smoke from the chicken can instantly be detected and it will send a notification straight to your smartphone.

In fact, this alarm will alert you to open the window and turn off the stove. Wouldn't you want an alarm to tell you what to do in dangerous situations? Some of us definitely would.

Lastly, you can easily plug in one of the greatest smoke and carbon monoxide detectors right into an outlet anywhere in your house. The Remote Monitor Alarm by Kidde is an alarm that can notify you of any smoke or CO situations to your iPhone, iPad, or any Android device. The detector can communicate with most UL-listed smoke and CO alarms that are created after 1999, which means that you don’t have to install all-new alarms throughout your entire home. It's straight up one of those smart home gadgets you'll actually use and love.

This alarm doesn’t need any special power source or adapters, only a standard 120V outlet will provide its energy. In fact, just one RemoteLync unit covers your entire home and you won’t need the use numerous units throughout the house.

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