Ben Kharakh

Manic pixie dream goth. With appearances in Fortune, Vice, Gothamist, and McSweeney's.@benkharakh

Casting the Porn Parody of the Trump Russia Probe
6 hours ago
From Edward Penishands to Sponge Knob Square Nuts, there are porn parodies of everything. So, why not a parody of the already ridiculous administration of President Sex Criminal? Luckily, the wide wor...
America's Colonialist Relationship with Puerto Rico
7 days ago
Politicians are in league with corporations hellbent on destroying an entire American territory. High unemployment, high poverty, austerity measures, natural disaster, and an unwieldy amount of debt: ...
Inspiring Quotes to Reignite Your Motivation
10 days ago
Humor can light a fire under your tuchus just as well as a cat challenging you to, "Hang in there." That's because humor's connection to surprise means we access a point of view we don't already have....
Specialty Video Game Accessories You Totally Forgot About
12 days ago
The reason there are so many specialty video game accessories that you totally forgot about is because so many game controllers are just a waste of your birthday gift cards. These gimmicky goods had f...
Signs Your Sister-In-Law Is Going to Be an Amazing Aunt
19 days ago
"Does it have down syndrome?" Some people are so negative that they can even manage to turn upside down a smile brought on by the birth of one's own children. First off, my little girl is not an "it"!...
Funniest Hidden Flasks to Help You Hide Your Booze
20 days ago
Sure, you can drink a can of Steel Reserve or blackberry brandy from a brown paper bag, but what if you want to be even more discrete? Maybe you're at a beach, park, movies, or high school graduation ...