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Cute, Funny Coffee Mugs to Bring Out the Morning Person in You

Cute animals, artisanal crafting, and letting you tell it how it is are just some of what makes these cute, funny coffee mugs so special.

By Ben KharakhPublished 6 years ago 11 min read

Not everyone's a morning person! For a lot of people, getting up in the AM is an arduous journey where every step is a slog. It's a regular Myth of Sisyphussituation. Wait, do you not know what that is? Do you wanna look it up? No, it feels like a slog, just like everything else? That, is a Myth of Sisyphus situation. Luckily, there are cute, funny coffee mugs that make it easier to make it through the morning. There are also coffee lifehacks you can use these mugs for! You start to look forward to drinking out of your "All Vulvas Are Beautiful" mug or your mug that's shaped like a panda that's also giving you a cookie. A win's a win; just as the salty Morton Girl after she's had her morning brew!

OMG! As far as coffee mugs go, this is one of the cuddliest. I want to give this little elephant kisses all over its cute little face. I wish there were tea mug elephants that were basically lap dogs that I could have sitting right next to me while I'm watching Netflix. Alas, I'll have to settle on having this cuddly pachyderm bring me my coffee and tea.

Ack! Ack! Ack! I'm bowled over by cuteness. It'd not enough that this is sloth looks like a total cuddle chip, but it's also smiling! It doesn't have to be. It could be an aloof sloth that's too cool for school, but instead it's teaching a master class in charm. All it takes is a genuine smile to win me over.

As far as coffee mugs go, this one's a work of art. It's like a Pollack or Van Gough. I know more esoteric artists than that but I'm not going to assume you do! And that's what great about this mug: it makes an artistic experience accessible to an audience that may not care about the arts. You can feel the artisan's presence with every sip of coffee or tea.

OMG! I love "love"! You don't have to think of this as strictly a mug that expresses the love you have for coffee; it can express the love you feel for a person, animal, or anything else. Me? I'm a romantic, so this is what I'm giving my love bug so that they feel loved with every sip of whatever they're drinking. That's what makes this one of the coffee mugs to bring out the romantic person in you.

Hahahaha! This is one of the quirkiest novelty coffee mugs. It looks so much like a doughnut! I'm as charmed as if I'm Alice in Wonderland noshing on desserts that are going to make me smaller and bigger. This just makes me just want to buy doughnuts and dip them in coffee. None of the other cute, funny coffee mugs make me want to buy a particular food. I want an old-fashioned doughnut and I don't even like those! Or an apple cider doughnut! This is why you shouldn't shop hungry.

Hold on, wait a minute, put a little cookie in it! This is one of the most ludicrously cute coffee mugs I have ever seen. I want to be friends with this little panda, and this panda wants to be friends with me because it brought me a cookie. This must be what Santa Clause feels like!

Sometimes we need art to express ourselves better than we can do it ourself. Enter David Shrigley and his hot air balloon "fuck off" mug. This perfectly captures how a lot of people feel at the office, especially if they're not a morning person and haven't had their first coffee of the day. So, maybe when you see your coworker drinking out of one these funny coffee mugs, wait for them to switch to a mug that says, "Don't fuck off," or, "Let's be friends together now."

Positive energy; yes! Follow your bliss, manifest your dreams, and all that jazz. Tis is one of those mugs that looks like what a fresh cup of coffee feels like. I AM READY TO SIEZE THE DAY! I can already feel the glares of my coworkers telling me to tone it down because it's Monday, but I can't help it. I feel bitchin'!

This mug's built for the wilderness. It's thinner than most other mugs, making it less heavy and less likely to break. It is, however, more likely to be a hot mug, and also take on some character thanks to chipping. That means you're making this mug into what it is.

If you plan on outing yourself as a mouther breather than there's no better way to do it than with one of these cute, funny coffee mugs. Now we all know to avoid you after your morning Joe because your breath's going to stink! So head to the bathroom with a mouth brush and take care of business so that we can talk to you like a human being!

This mug is a champion of women's rights. It's fighting for a utopia where women can bare their chests without being sexualized, just like men are allowed to. Or maybe it's just one of the coffee mugs you can add to your collection.

Dog person, cat person, or people person? You don't have to be only one; you can contain multitudes! And with these mugs, you can show off which one you're feeling like that morning. Maybe you wanna dish hot goss, stand off in the corner on your own, or just bask in the glow of your coworkers like a happy pup.

This cat's got 'tude, and I like it! This is a sassy feline who doesn't take guff from anybody. Or maybe that's just the image it wants to project and, like a Capricorn with cancer rising, it's hard exterior protects a squishy interior that becomes known to the right people. Coffee can affect your mood, after all.

I know enough about art theory to appreciate the yonic symbolism in this mug. "Yonic" means symbolism that resembles vulva or vaginas in their appearance. This is a mug for a strong, confident personality who's not bought into the patriarchy. Or maybe you like pretty flowers on your coffee mugs. That's also an option!

This is a beautiful mug that would look great with the desert in the background or maybe an orchard of olive trees. And if you don't have access to such scenery, it's okay, this will make up for that by making you feel like you're surrounded by beautiful scenery.

This is one of the funny coffee mugs that requires no commentary. It's just superhero butts. And, of course, all the butts are tight because these guys climb stairs and do squats all the time as part of their crime fighting. You ever try to save the world? It's mostly quads and hammies!

Try and tell me that coffee doesn't get you turnt! That first morning brew (or two or three), and suddenly you feel like everything is just right in the world. The coffee's so good that it makes even drudgery manageable. Yeah, this is one of the mugs that gets it.

This is one of the coffee mugs that Winnie the Pooh would approve of. You wouldn't like Pooh before he's had his morning honey! Just make sure that that silly, old bear doesn't drink so much honey that he gets stuck in a hole again!

Aww, this is one of those cute mugs that looks like it's straight out of Studio Ghibli's My Neighbor Totoro. This very cute mug is here to help you transition from the world of the sleepy to the world of the awake. Those cute googly eyes make it easy to make that switch because you feel like you've got a friend in the palm of your hands cheering you on!

What it means to be beautiful has changed throughout the ages. Just look at how the female form was represented by Greek sculptors, Renaissance painters, or contemporary mug makers. It was all so different. For a time. For a while, there were weird victorian beauty trends that were sometimes fatal because the ideal female form resembled someone suffering from tuberculosis! Luckily, we live in a much more accepting time.

Again, sometimes one of the best ways to communicate how you feel is with a coffee mug. And sometimes someone just needs to be told to go, "Eat a bag of dicks." Or chow down on a sack of peen, nosh on a parcel of ding-dongs, etc. It's a lot of power to wield such a mug, but someone's got to do it! We can only hope that person also doesn't have to eat a bag of dicks themselves!

Wow! The coffee makes this look like a backed up toilet! Makes me think of the scene in Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me where the titular spy drinks a stool sample thinking it's coffee. And if you're buying one of these particular funny coffee mugs, there's a good chance that you know the stool sample drinking scene I'm talking about. And, if not, I bet you're going to love it because with one of these mugs you're living it!

If you think of these cute, funny coffee mugs covered in vulvas is the only thing that thevulvagallery makes, then are you in for a surprise! This design appears on cell phone cases, mouse pads, comforters, etc. This is a powerful aesthetic that embraces the beauty of the female form while embracing an intersectional feminism that finds beauty in all types of vulva! This is a perfect gift for someone who didn't like the "Pink Pussy Hats" from The Women's March because they weren't inclusive.

There's always temptation to yield to evil, so any morning that starts with you batting down the king of darkness counts as a win. This is one of those mugs that lets Lucifer, the Morning Star, know not to even bother with your soul because it's not for sale!

The teal and white horizontal lines, the flowers, and the cursive in which "Shhh nobody cares," is written makes me think of how sometimes I get a little intense or carried away and I just need a face waterfall to calm me down. That's what funny coffee mugs like this provide; a playful reminder to tone it down.

This is one of the coffee mugs that provides catharsis for its owner. Use it when its intended target has their back to you or, if you've got job security in the workplace, use it right to their face. Let them know exactly how you feel while making eye contact, forcing them to exit your gaze with their tails between their legs. Ooo, it stings!

If you're raising plants in lieu of or in anticipation of raising children, then this is one of the mugs for you! Or, if you've been trying to raise plants and they keep dying on you, then this is going to be some bitter coffee to swallow! Or maybe you just like plants and you're not imbuing them with that much significance, which might be the healthiest relationship to have with plants.

Hahahaha. The Morton Salt girl has run out of patience! She's been worn down as of late, but she's got some hope thanks to the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez win and Cardi B's Invasion of Privacy! She's living for herself now and nothing can stop her. Yeah, she drinks coffee from a mug that she herself is on. She knows she can be vain but she doesn't care because, damn, she looks good on that mug!

Wow, now look at these beautiful mugs! They're stylish yet minimalist, grand while still unimposing. I want to dress like these mugs to an event. I bet there'd be great conversation and food there, and I'd catch my own reflection in the mirror look like one of these mugs and I'd think, "Damn, I look good!"

Euch, sometimes it's just one of those days when you need to dunk your head in one of those funny coffee mugs. This is actually the Morton Salt Girl right when she decided she'd run out of patience and she desperately needed a win. It's only when she was able to drink this much coffee that she was finally able to see the path she was already on, and "let go and let coffee."

Whoa. These are beautiful. If you had counters that looked like these mugs your guests would be super impressed. It would make any brew you serve taste just a little bit better because you're pressing your lips to a work of art. You can also make DIY marbled mugs for under $10 if you're interested.

This mug is the cat's meow! After my morning coffee, I feel as placated and centered as one of these cute, funny coffee mugs. I get so happy after my first cup of the day that I might just slink around the office purring, and then leave a decapitated mouse in the kitchen to show my adoration.

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