Coffee Lifehacks for Every Coffee Lover

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Love caffeine? If coffee is your fountain of youth, you'll adore these coffee lifehacks.

Coffee Lifehacks for Every Coffee Lover

Some people like coffee. They enjoy casually going to Starbucks for their lattes and mochas. Others, such as myself, love coffee. I love coffee so much, I typically will drink about five cups a day without blinking an eye. Coffee is life.

It's not unusual to see a coffee snob like myself turn coffee into a lifestyle. I can tell you the difference between Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, and have a million different ways of prepping my coffee. I even prepare my coffee using a Turkish coffee pot.

As much as I knew about drinking coffee, I only recently learned how coffee can be used in other mays. You might be surprised at how versatile java really is! I was also surprised at some of the ways you can prep coffee revealed online, too.

Coffee lovers are also resourceful people. Many coffee lifehacks can be found on the net, and if you love the caffeinated stuff as much as I do, they'll turn into lifesavers. Check out these gems I found below.

If you have access to green coffee and want to roast your own beans, we can't blame you. Freshly roasted coffee is great. You don't need to own a special roaster; all you need is a popcorn popper.

People who own an air popper will often find the best results. This video guide shows you how to get the best possible roast using one of the most unorthodox coffee hacks I've found to date.

Most people view coffee as an energy booster that might also act like a guilty pleasure in many situations. Additives like milk and sugar tend to add inches to your waistline, which in turn, can drag your overall mood down.

Bulletproof Coffee, also known as adding butter to coffee, has gained a huge following. People who drink it have higher sustained energy levels, lower cravings for sugar throughout the day, and even manage to lose weight faster.

Once you're done guzzling your daily java, you're left with a pile of used coffee grounds. Don't throw them out quite yet, though. They are more useful than you'd think!

One of the best uses for coffee grounds is as a pot cleaner. The coarse texture of the grounds are ideal for getting rid of grease and grime from pots that can't always use a steel scrubber.

This is one of the oldest coffee lifehacks on this list, and was a favorite during the Great Depression. Not many people like bitter coffee, but back in the 30s, that's all that was available on store shelves.

When people brew coffee, they want coffee that tastes robust without it being bitter. Eventually, people started to look for ways to make a cup of coffee taste less bitter.

People soon found out that you could mask the flavor of bitter compounds using a pinch of salt. So, if the coffee that you made is a bit too bitter, just throw some salt in your brew.

Coffee has been a popular ingredient in beauty products for a while, and it's easy to see why. Caffeine has been linked to a reduction in cellulite. Many of the compounds in coffee also have been linked to shinier hair and better complexions.

Tons of coffee hacks can be found in the beauty world. To get started with coffee as part of your own beauty routine, choose what you want to focus on.

If you want to use coffee for hair growth, add some used coffee grounds to your conditioner for added shine and product buildup removal. Or, just rub the grounds on the cellulite you have.

Who doesn't like some freshly frothed milk on top of their coffee? It's a huge part of the reason why people love to go to coffee shops. For cappuccino lovers, making your own frothy milk is one of the best coffee hacks out there.

To make your own foamy goodness, pour the milk into a French press. Then, push the press up and down several times. After a bunch of presses, the milk will be foamy!

Most professional gardeners have their own secret formulas for award-winning plant health aids—and plenty of them include coffee grounds! As many gardeners will tell you, used coffee grounds keep soil's pH even while adding nutrients plants need to stay alive.

Coffee-flavored ice cream isn't the only dessert out there. If you have stale coffee, don't throw it out. You can actually make delicious coffee-flavored cookies and cakes by just replacing any water needed to make the recipe with coffee.

Oddly enough, these kinds of treats go very well with a fresh cup of coffee.

Most people enjoy adding milk, sugar, cinnamon, and other goodies to their coffee. Why not make it a one-step process? If you add your favorite additional ingredients to the coffee grounds, you can make coffee that brews itself into a perfect cup—no milk or sugar needed.

The only thing you need for this hack to work is a coffee grinder of your own. Obviously, this is one of those coffee lifehacks that may have a little trial and error to it. So, take time to experiment with what works for you.

If you're a keto or paleo fan, you already probably know this to be one of the better coffee lifehacks for your kitchen time. Coffee is a great meat tenderizer and offers up compounds that help people achieve significant weight loss.

You can use coffee to create a very fitness-friendly BBQ marinade. Those in the fitness scene often call it "red eye" steak due to the mild caffeine amounts that can still be found in the meat.

Ossiana Tepfenhart
Ossiana Tepfenhart
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