Coffee Lovers

by Arianna Gatton 2 years ago in career

❤️ Your Baristas or F*** Off

Coffee Lovers

I was a Shift Supervisor at my local coffee shop for just 2 years. In those 2 years, you customers really stressed me the f*** out! Between your ombré drinks, your “frappés” 🙄, your poor life choices you’d tell me about at 5:30am, and your even poorer aim at the trash with your damn straw rappers, I was busting my a** to make you and your whole office wonderful looking/tasting handcrafted beverages!


I was so good at busting my a**, I managed to get partner of the quarter each year I was with the company. (Even without the printed sign and proper recognition.)

Needless to say, I would great you everyday with a smile, I would remember your drink, your name, and probably even have your drink ready for you while you, a regular, are standing in line behind 3 other people. Because GOD LOVE YOU for standing in a line at 5am to spend $5 on your drink and tipping me a dollar EVERYDAY!


I had a sneaking suspicion that maybe your marriage wasn’t in the right place because your wife stopped coming in. Or maybe, you woke up on the wrong side of the bed? Perhaps both, and you’ve just got a flat tire on the way in and now have to spend $5 more on a latté. I noticed the spare tire on your car and stepped out of my routine to make sure to make your coffee special. There’s a new person on bar, but I know you won’t tell anyone you like 3 Splenda in your triple grande... so please, say “thank you.”

While I made sure to make your day a little better, you forgot to recognize me and my team. The girl on register is new and she’s training through the loss of a friend who’s passed away yesterday. She’s here on a “B” day, because otherwise she’s at school full time, figuring out how to pay for a car and support a boyfriend that, she doesn’t know yet, but is lying to her. The guy on bar is in the middle of morning rush, he lives in a half-way house and walked here in the rain this morning. We’re running a little behind on our tasks because the person I am covering for didn’t show up this morning and I had to open the store. He will be fired later and I’ll figure out that my availability will no longer be honored, I won’t be able to go to school in the fall if I want to keep this job and pay the bills I already have. Not with that new schedule. Did I mention I’ve been waiting on my promotion? I probably won’t be getting that either, not with the list of priorities my new manager has. She’s in the back with the auditor trying to find her food safety license, which she didn’t have on her, so we’re going to lose points for that. She’s stressed out so she’s crying in the back. The auditor leaves and now my manager going to go home. Her brother's in town and he’s a recovering addict, he needs cigarettes again and with all the money going towards his “recovery” she’s stealing a gallon of milk from work because she can’t afford to grab one for her family on the way home.

So please remember, it’s not your barista's fault that YOU are running late, if you don’t have time for your coffee, don’t come in. If you can’t treat them with respect don’t expect your expectations to be met.

We are not afraid to put decaf shots of espresso in your “extra caffeinated” drink.

These people in aprons are the best people you’d ever meet. I got birthday surprises every year, made life long friends with baristas and customers... AND got an endless amount of support and love from, well, most of them! ❤️

Strawberry Champagne cupcakes for my 21st!

Arianna Gatton
Arianna Gatton
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