Coffee for Hair Growth?

by Christina Hammond 3 years ago in hair

Does it Actually Work?

Coffee for Hair Growth?

Don’t we all wish our hair would magically grow overnight? I know personally I have always enjoyed having short hair because for me it is easier to care for. But then there will come times when I will miss my long hair and so I decide to grow it out again. But it takes SO LONG! Especially since my hair started from a pixie cut. And everyone knows how awkward those are to grow out if you’re not careful you’ve got a one-way ticket to a mullet. Ewww. Obviously, I have spent a great deal of time on the internet researching different way to help accelerate hair growth, and I have found one that I absolutely must share with everyone! Before sharing this with everyone I did test it out for one month so that I would be able to give you a detailed review on whether or not it actually works.

If you’re like me and live off of coffee then you will enjoy this! Yes, coffee helps your hair grow. Supposedly the science behind it is that it keep your hair in its “hair growth” stage longer, allowing for more growth to occur. I first started using this method back in March of this year, 2017. I use it every time I need to shampoo, but I try to make sure to do it at least twice a week. My hair is now almost to my shoulders. I usually use about 5 tbs. of ground coffee and I add oil (Usually grapeseed, coconut, or olive) until it is at the desired consistency. That being said though, you can use just the coffee and water, but I find using the oil helps it spread more. Using your hands you just scrub the coffee grounds mixture into your scalp and then spread it throughout your hair to the ends. Make sure though when spreading it throughout the rest of your hair NOT to scrub to the ends. Last thing you want to do is cause your hair to break. Only scrub it into your scalp.

The oil also helps if you have a dry scalp. I will admit that my scalp is very dry, but due to the oil and the exfoliation from the coffee grounds I used it once and it got rid of it. Nice, right? No more flakes! Those little buggers have been such a pain and cause me to be so self conscious about people touching my hair.

Another positive review I will give this is the fact I dye my hair frequently and have bleached it recently, I even relaxed my hair winter of last year, but my hair is still incredibly soft! Of course, my hair is still not completely damage free, that would be physically impossible, but it is still a whole lot healthier than it usually is after I color it. It always sucks having to worry about killing my hair because of my love for coloring it, and now I have found that this coffee trick helps to bring health back to my hair and scalp. It has been such a relief.

The one negative remark I have about this method is the fact that the coffee gets EVERYWHERE. I mean it, my shower is covered with coffee, I'm covered with coffee. But hey, I totally smell like coffee when I get out of the shower, so that’s a plus!

All in all I have loved what the coffee has been doing for my hair and it really did help it grow. At the end of the month my hair had grown roughly two inches. I will admit I did not take a measuring tape to my hair so I am estimating. For my hair, however, that is a fantastic amount! Let's just say, my hair does not grow fast normally. The best I can usually hope for in one month of hair growth is about one inch. So, using this coffee method practically doubled my hair growth speed.

Go give it a try! I have seen nothing but positive results from using this method. As I stated above, the only negative side I have seen to using this method is the fact that the coffee gets everywhere. But I am more than willing to clean up coffee grounds if it means my wait for longer hair is lessened even a little. I don't know about you, but I am not the most patient person. So, I will try anything and everything to make my hair grow faster.

Christina Hammond
Christina Hammond
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