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Craziest Pro-Trump Fan Art on the Internet

Americana, anti-Semitism, and historic anachronism. These are the tropes of pro-Trump fan art!

By Ben KharakhPublished 6 years ago 8 min read

The internet is littered with pro-Trump fan art. Some of it is crudely photoshopped, other bits are political cartoons, and there are even painstakingly made portraits that reveal significant talent on the part of their creators. Too bad all this effort is going to lift up The Worst of Us! At least this stuff can give us a laugh so long as we don't think about the ways in which these values have already been expressed in American policy and culture for hundreds of years. Whoops; I put that awareness in your head! Ba-Zinga!

Jon McNaughton - Teach a Man to Fish

You can say, as The Outline does, that the Trump administration's unofficial artist is weird as hell, but, honestly, the racism in Jon McNaughton's Pro-Trump fan art is subtle compared to the overt bigotry of Trump's other boosters. Without the context of his other works, which feature James Madison pleading with Obummer not to trample on the US Constitution, this just looks like a Thomas Kincaid knock off about a young socialist looking over President Sex Criminal's tackle box and thinking, "which one of these do I jam into Trump's throat?" Oh, do you not think that's what McNaughton is going for? Well, art is subjective!

Jon McNaughton - Respect the Flag

"Ladies and gentleman, an old confused man has wandered onto the field clutching a soiled American flag. Please wait until we escort him to safety." Pro-Trump fan art hall of famer Jon McNaughton must have heard the phrase, "When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross." I get that this is meant to be a commentary on Colin Kaepernick because McNaughton can't handle people of color asserting their voice, but this is just terribly misguided even for someone as terribly misguided as McNaughton.

Jon McNaughton - You Are Not Forgotten

The Forgotten Man is a recurring image in McNaughton's work. McNaughton calls this figure an audience surrogate for every American. More particularly, that generalization applies to McNaughton himself, who in this case is planting what I can only imagine is a sapling of liberty that will grow into a tree of liberty in ten to twenty years depending on the variety.

This is a busy painting! I spy with my little eye Mike Pence and Sheriff David Clarke standing right next to Trump, who is crushing the head of a snake with his foot. Given all his pro-Trump fan art, I'll give McNaughton the benefit of the doubt and say that's the snake everyone first discovers anytime Trump reads "The Snake" poem. Although, my take is that the snake in "The Snake" is Trump and that's just Trump unknowingly warning us about himself.

Jon McNaughton – Expose the Truth

If Trump is supposed to be a stand-in for McNaughton in this pro-Trump fan art, then McNaughton has lost it 100%. This is a deranged Orange Julius who has made his way on to the congressional floor with a kitchen knife and a magnifying glass presumably while Mueller is delivering testimony, or Trump dragged Mueller there himself. Why not? This painting is a dream come true; anything can happen!

Trump's all up in Mueller's grill and he's about to say, "I'm exposing the truth!" and Mueller is supposed to answer, "You're right! This whole special counsel is a partisan witch hunt; please don't hurt me!" And then everyone applauds for McNaughton and says, "great artwork, Mr. President," and then McNaughton wakes up and looks at the painting of Trump on his nightstand and sighs contently, wishing his dream would one day come true but settling for painting it for now.

Jon Proby - Modern Warfare

Oh, I get it now! Those ninjas are supposed to be ISIS! Sorry, this is just a very busy painting. It's like a pro-Trump fan art magic eye. Look at it long enough and you'll see the anti-Semitism! First, on the top right, we've got George Soros: The billionaire investor who became the favorite target of conspiracy theories and antisemitic hatred. Top left next to President Sex Criminal we've got a Sonnenrad, also known as a Sunwheel or Black Sun. It's another traditional European icon that the Nazi's adopted in an attempted to tap into an ancient Aryan/Norse race. And then in the middle, we've got Neo-Nazi favorite Pepe the Frog, who should be familiar to anyone who knows white supremacist lingo and conspiracy theories.

Trump as Napoleon - Artist Unknown

Napoleon made an indelible mark on human history. Hopefully, Homeopathic Hitler doesn't do the same. He's primarily on track to simply being The Worst of Us without having to do much to actually claim that title other than embodying America's original sins. Afterall, the only reason Orange Julius is president in the first place is that the USA has been a white supremacist patriarchy this whole time. The electoral college is itself a tool of maintaining white supremacy! So, hopefully Trump is the death rattle of American Conservatism, and will ride off into the sunset with a fistful of Fillet O'Fish. And by sunset I mean, "rots in prison."

President Pepe - Artist Unknown

Donald Trump's social media ties to white supremacists guaranteed plenty of pro-Trump fan art. Pepe as President Sex Criminal is one of the pieces that best captures the experience of The Worst of Us being president. Every moment Orange Julius is on TV it's like we're watching white supremacist patriarchy itself stuffed into a slightly too big suit just carrying the country along using nothing other than the momentum of the ages.

Trump Tank – Khumps

This is actually a still from a gif titled "Glorious Trump riding a tank" uploaded by Khumps. Either Trump is really big or this tank is really small. Either way, this piece of pro-Trump fan art really makes it clear how much Trump is like Cobra Commander. Except that Cobra Commander is less cartoonish.

Fit Trump - Artist Unknown

Trump being fit is a recurring theme in pro-Trump fan art even though the real Trump is medically obese. That's because Trump eats at McDonalds because he's afraid of being poisoned elsewhere and thinks that exercising too much uses up the body's "finite" energy. That's hard to reconcile with the dumb person's version of eugenics that Trump subscribes to known as racehorse theory, which is why Donald Trump believes he was born to be king. Of course, there's an easy way for all this to make sense: Trump is an idiot.

Revolutionary War Trump - Artist Unknown

This piece of pro-Trump fan art is particularly popular with white supremacists. Someone who lives near me actually blew up this image, printed it, and hung it up outside their home during the 2016 election so that everyone would know to avoid them for the rest of time! It's actually unclear when this image takes place because Trump looks like he's wearing Revolutionary War garb but it also looks like he's standing on a robot's corpse. So, could be that Trump is in league with Skynet and they keep sending machines back to 1776 to destroy America. Wouldn't be the first time Trump's colluded with an antagonistic foreign power!

Trump as God's Messenger – Artist Unknown

It's hard to tell if in this image Trump is supposed to be God or if Trump is a tool of God. Either way, "Fear not, for I am with you," is something God says in the Bible. And anyone who thinks Trump is Godly is so deeply confused that they're willing to overlook all of his sins, particularly his adultery, for the sake of their tribal allegiance.

It's also unclear in this pro-Trump fan art if the Statue of Liberty actually jumped in the water to save herself because Trump, "Moved on her like a bitch," and tried to, "Grab her by the pussy." Sorry, that's just locker room talk in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Trump Train – The Bruce Montalvo Show

No words; should have sent a poet. Oh, I know, how about, "Get up, come on get down with the sickness/Open up your hate, and let it flow into me." Yeah, that sounds about right. This strikes me as a product of a disturbed mind perhaps more so than something laden with anti-semetic imagery because at least there's a pre-existing history of anti-Semitism to tap into. This is nonsense that someone's coming up with all on their own! It features another trope of classic pro-Trump fan art: it's super busy! It's one notch below The Busy World of Richard Spencer. I also don't know what Hillary Clinton is looking at or why Bernie Sanders is looking right at me in this collage!

Triumphant Trump – Ben Garrison

Another trope of pro-Trump fan art is that accusations of bigotry bounce right off him. Except they don't. It's widely accepted by the American people that Trump is a bigot. What's actually going on is that there's no consequence for his bigotry. It's the same as how police officers who kill young black men never get convicted, which is something well known to people who've listened to songs about police brutality.

Trump With Potential Boner - James Mar

This piece of pro-Trump fan art appears to be Trump with a boner. Yep, that's all that's going on here: boner or not a boner. It looks like a boner! Like a lot a lot. But maybe it's not a boner because, hey, why would you give Trump a boner? Or maybe it is. Euch! I don't want to keep playing this game!

Trump Disarming NK - A.F. Branco

A.F. Branco, like Ben Garrison, is a political cartoonist who claims to draw his inspiration from a Conservative point of view. Except there were a lot of Conservatives who didn't like that Trump was a foul-mouthed, adulterating, bigot, so it doesn't seem fair to lump all Conservatives and Trump supporters together. Except for how Conservatives didn't do enough to stop Trump and, too often, are the very "White Moderates" Martin Luther King decried for being, "More devoted to 'order' than to justice." Trumpers may be riding the train but Conservatives laid down the tracks. Someone call Onyx because that was grade-A, "Slam!"

Battle Ship Troopers Trump - Artist Unknown

This piece of pro-Trump fan art is what everyone who let Trump win has to own. Trump's the one who said there were, "some very fine people on both sides," after an act of white supremacist terrorism. No one forced him to say that. That was just Trump being Trump! And in a time when the Holocaust is fading from memory, we can't afford to be any less vigilant against hate or any less emotionally validating to survivors of violence and abuse. There's too much pro-Trump fan art for us to take a breather.


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