April Demarco

Proud mom of three chinchillas, hard core Justin Bieber fan, watches Unsolved Murders religiously

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Why Are Wedding Invitations So Expensive?
2 months ago
Why are wedding invitations so expensive? They’re just some paper and ink, right? No. For the modern wedding, there’s actually quite a lot of work that goes into a wedding suite, like any other part o...
How To Plan a Wedding in 6 Months
2 months ago
There are plenty of reasons to get married within six months of engagement. Maybe you’re dreaming of a spring wedding and don’t want to wait until next year. If that’s the case, please know that you c...
Best Jeans for Women to Buy in 2018
2 months ago
Jeans have been a staple piece of any wardrobe since their invention. Originally created for the working man, women began adopting men’s fashion pieces for their own. Eventually jeans for women became...
Best Classic Fashion Tips You Should Know
2 months ago
You can spot those women anywhere. They live in an urban city, somewhere you’d love to live. They look like they have it all together, all the time. They’re fashionable, successful, happy, with no wor...
Best Wedding Dress Trends in 2018
2 months ago
One of the most exciting parts of the wedding planning process is choosing the perfect wedding dress. Of course, with literally thousands of options, the fun can become overwhelming quickly. Like the ...
Best Facial Mists for Glowing Skin
3 months ago
Especially on hot days, it can be difficult to avoid oily, acne-prone facial skin. For others, the summer heat can cause drying and peeling. While there is no shame in struggling with skin problems wi...