April Demarco

Proud mom of three chinchillas, hard core Justin Bieber fan, watches Unsolved Murders religiously

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Health Benefits of Having Pets
18 days ago
Pets have been an integral part of human life for thousands of years. Whether hunting, helping out on the farm, or simply providing companionship, our furry friends have always been important family m...
Best Sea Salt Sprays for Curly Hair
a month ago
Tousle-headed girls and women with waves need a stock of sea salt sprays for curly hair. Salty sprays add the body and texture that you usually only get after a day at the beach. Women with straight l...
Best Ways to Get Rid of Pimples Fast
a month ago
When we’re growing up, we often hear that we’ll stop getting pimples after puberty. Well, the truth is most of us aren’t that lucky. No matter how closely we stick to our skincare regimen, we still ha...
Best Books About Feminism Every Feminist Should Read
2 months ago
Whether you're looking to begin your path as a feminist, or simply further expand your knowledge on the movement as a veteran feminist, we've got you covered. Reading some of the best books about femi...
Best Yeast Free Alcohol to Bring to Your Next Party
2 months ago
Many of the most popular alcoholic beverages unfortunately include yeast. And for someone who is trying to transition their diet into a yeast-free or gluten-free one, this can come as a disappointment...
10 Totally Badass Birthday Cards Your BFF Will Love
2 months ago
Finding the best birthday cards your BFF will love that truly capture her strength and personality is tough. But touching on her interests, beliefs, and things that empower her is a great place to sta...