April Demarco

Proud mom of three chinchillas, hard core Justin Bieber fan, watches Unsolved Murders religiously

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Best Performing Crypto Coins to Buy in 2018
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Most Famous Female Engineers in History
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From the 1800s to now, famous female engineers continue to make their mark on history, creating groundbreaking inventions that will alter our lives day to day. As huge milestones for women, and huge m...
10 Songs That Have Helped People with Anxiety and Depression
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We have come up with a list of the top ten songs that have helped people with anxiety and depression. From songs that provide motivation and hope, to simply ones that so expertly capture the struggles...
Most Powerful Female Political Leaders Right Now
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From Angela Merkel to Ivanka Trump, these women hold more political power than you can imagine. Named as Forbes' Most Powerful Women of 2017, each of these women have claimed their rightful spot for b...