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Who Defines Authenticity?

by The Vocal Creators Chronicle 11 months ago in beauty · updated 11 months ago
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3 Women compare perspectives on their inner and outer beauty. What's yours?

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

We were tasked to define our "authentic selves". Each of us looked deep and came at the question from entirely different directions. We invite you to let your mind wander in ours a while. Then perhaps dig out your journal and see what words come to mind to define your own sense of authenticity. The challenge may be complete, but the opportunity to write for a prompt continues.

This was the challenge:

So, we’re asking you to tell us a story where you let your true self shine through. Maybe you were faced with a rough situation at work or in parenting that made you discover your true strengths! Perhaps you quit your job and launched your own company, despite the fear of failure—or maybe you've decided to go all natural and are no longer wearing makeup or using social media filters. Whether you showed up bare faced to an important event, or have decided to follow your dreams, it’s the candid, un-filtered moments that make you who you are.

We, along with our partners at Charles & Colvard , want to fall in love with the real you.

The Real (Her) Hair - 2nd place in the Remarkably Real Contest

"Black hair over the decades has been the enigmatic phenomenon that keeps others questioning, "how did you do that?" The conundrum of attempting to comprehend the complexities that is the interlocked historical significance of Black hair has led to wars of colorism, self-hate and misguided beauty standards. Black hair or, "our crown", as I prefer to call it, represents the epitome of self-love. At the root of Black hair (no pun intended) is the Black Girl Magic that entrances onlookers in all its mysterious glory and allows us to shine in our own unique way."

Human Are Created Not Born

"My personal philosophy is that you only get one body, and if something about it doesn't feel like it represents who you are, and you have the ability to change it, you owe it to yourself to follow your own path and let haters be damned. And yes, kind readers, there were haters. Because despite the fact it was my body, I had a lot of shade thrown my way for doing what I wanted to do with it and a lot of criticism for being "inauthentic".

To quote one of my idols, Dolly Parton,

"Plastic surgeons weren't intended to starve!""

Embracing Cheugy

"What has happened is that I am now woke to my interests and affections being dated. It's the differentiator: If I am out of date but not aware of it I am Basic. If I am out of date AND self-aware I am cheugy.

The more I look into this the more unfair it gets. I used to do the stuff that IS now trendy, but back then I WASN’T trendy. It’s confusing, but let me show you what I mean.

If you have a side part you are cheugy. To be on trend I need to have a center part. Like I did here, in 1978. To be on trend I need to part my hair like I did when I was in high school."

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First published January 13, 2021 by The Vocal Creators Chronicle.


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