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Amanda Zylstra11 hours ago
5 Favorite Korean Snail Products
I am a huge fan of Korean Skincare products. They work well on my combination oily skin and often times contain unique ingredients. Snail secretion is one of those unique ingredients that is sometimes...
Rich Monetti12 hours ago
The Hebrew Congregation of Somers Hold Bark Mitzvah to Bless the Companionship of Dogs
On Sunday, the Hebrew Congregation of Somers held its third annual Bark Mitzvah to bless and honor the animals its members hold so dear. Attended by about 30 pets and their owners, the serene setting ...
Samantha Bentley15 hours ago
How to Feed Your Dog a Natural Diet
The older I get, the more aware I become of how much junk and garbage there is in the food we eat. From E numbers, to chemicals, to refined sugars, pesticides, and hormones and everything else in betw...
Janetta Poitra16 hours ago
The Life I Lived Before You (Chapter 2)
Chapter 2 Family Meet-up A couple days after she had taken the pregnancy test her dad ended up finding it behind the toilet when he washed himself off. He put it in the way back in his sock drawer as ...
Marga Rita18 hours ago
The Battle of Discipline
There is probably a huge debate on this and well, it's a big deal I would say.
Rachel Coyle19 hours ago
Dealing with PCOS
PCOS... Why do I feel like this is one of the least talked about abnormalities in women's health? I would like to share my story and obstacles I have encountered, but have also come to accept (for the...