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nicole clara9 hours ago
Does Learning a Second Language Help Graduates Get a Job?
Being able to connect with colleagues in a multinational company and the ability to look outside one’s home country for a job are just two reasons why learning English can open opportunities for the j...
Ethan Terris10 hours ago
Eight Reasons to Invest in the Stock Market
Trading of any kind will always carry a risk of losing money and many people do; however, if you carry out enough research, you can make a profit. Investing can help you financially and everyone shoul...
Alisha Johnson10 hours ago
Ten Words with No English Language Equivalent You Will Wish They Taught You in School
There are so many situations in life where you can’t help but think, “I wish there was a word to describe what I’m experiencing right now.” I created this list to help shorten that list, because belie...
Jason A11 hours ago
The Three Main Reasons Businesses Fail
Many people young and old have the lofty goal of becoming their own boss or running their own business. This is one of the amazing things about the American Spirit in the ingenuity and creativity of h...
Money Dripper11 hours ago
How to Earn Passive Income Selling Computing Power to Loadteam
Believe it or not, you can actually make money by simply leaving your computer on. If you have a computer, then you are missing out on a very easy source of passive income.
Ana Lopes15 hours ago
It's Not You, It's Them
I've been applying for jobs weekly in the past six months. Long story short—my husband got a new job and we changed countries. The struggle is real: leaving everything behind and jumping completely ou...