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Jenna Kopka3 days ago
Living for Those 'Aha' Moments
Why did you become a teacher? That's the question I get asked the most. My first reaction is the defend myself and answer like, "Well why aren't you one?!" But then reality sinks in and I realize that...
Alex Lee4 days ago
Message to the School Systems
May 17, 2018 One Student Some High School An uncared about district To Whom It May Concern: Some High school of An Uncared for District by a low blow with the news of the upcoming layoff effective nex...
Rich Monetti4 days ago
Somers Senior Turns Stone into Art
Most people pick a side of the brain and stick with it. As a high school science teacher, 93 year old Nate Sloan, made a life that continually crossed between the artistic and mathematical hemispheres...
Carol Wilson4 days ago
What Are Different Career Paths for Business Analysts
With the rapidly changing economy, the business methods have also witnessed major reforms. It has become necessary for the enterprises to adapt to these fast changes smartly. For easy transition, anal...
We Can Learn so Much About Life Through Drama
We are often told that our environment shapes who we are. When we reach our teenage years we bring with us so many ideas about life. I often hear stories of young people with dreams and ambitions for ...
Ariana Seanor5 days ago
From Everything to Nothing
The Stress and the Bliss