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Maria Viksea day ago
When Things Go Wrong: 8 Signs You're Enrolled in the Wrong Major
You might have talked to different people and did a lot of research before deciding which degree to pursue, but no matter how attentive to details you might have been when picking out a major, once yo...
Take Mya day ago
Strategies for Success with Online Courses
Advancements in education and technology has made it easier for millions of people to earn a proper education. Online courses by available colleges and universities are viable mediums which provide op...
Mikkie Millsa day ago
The Organizational Hack for Your Business
In 2019, if you want to start a business, it is very easy to stay organized because of modern technology. There are so many technologies that you can apply in your business to make it organized. An or...
Jami Brumfield2 days ago
The Why and How of Facebook Business Page and Groups
This video discusses the why and how of setting up a Facebook Business Account and Group for each line of business you have. In addition, I go over a step-by-step tutorial in-screen capture video outlining the process of creating these pages. Below, I talk about the benefits of setting up a Facebook Business Page and linking a Group to this page.
Jeannette Perez2 days ago
Medical Collection Accounts
When we go see a doctor, the front desk assistant gives us an application to fill out. We have to write down our name, address, date of birth, social security number, medical history and reason for ou...
Kevin Gardner2 days ago
Running Your Business with Your Employees as Priority
When you're looking to grow your business, you're probably thinking solely on how you can improve your profits. However, many businesses have been put in the spotlight recently for having more of a fo...