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Isaiah Goodman2 days ago
Becoming Protected
Inflation comes from the latin "inflationem" meaning a puffing up or blowing into. Or flatulence, lol! It’s one of the things that can blow up your budget, and the economy over time if unchecked. How ...
Morgan Whimsy2 days ago
Writer's Block and How to (Hopefully) Fix It
First off, let's admit one major thing. Anyone who has ever written anything has had writer's block. Whether you're writing a paper for a class or you write books or articles for your job, everyone wi...
Marketing Is Your Best Friend
As I put together my business cards (custom-made from Shutterfly—I ought to make a note about having my cards glossy in the future, instead of matte), it reminded me of how I came to actually thinking...
High School Advice (from a 12th Grade Student's Perspective)
High school is the four years of your life that you cannot and will not forget. It consists of stress, excitement, first times, friendships, relationships and a ton more. Some people who are going to ...
Liz A. 3 days ago
Great Graduation Gifts
They worked hard for four years and now it’s time to celebrate their accomplishments. Here are some great ideas for graduation gifts:
Aya Jundi3 days ago
The True Understanding of Literacy
Have you ever read a sentence or two, and didn't even understand what you were reading? It happens to the best of us. The English language is so complex, it has so much you can learn. Even if you're a...