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by Mel E. Furnish 3 years ago in corruption · updated about a year ago
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All Around

Injustice is everywhere.

You continuously punish someone over and over again, years after their mistakes. You harass them to the point of suicidal thoughts. It is pathetic to see how this world is sometimes.

Once you've pushed someone to the edge for so long, it doesn't take much to give the final blow. It is pathetic that instead of really trying to help someone, they would rather continue to make their life hell. Continue to beat them down, no matter how many times they have gotten back up and tried to move on.

It is pathetic that when it is clear that someone has changed their life for the better in many ways, they are still treated like a monster.

It is even further down the line of weakness and greed that we see them still entrapping someone to get more money out of them, despite the money and everything else you've already taken so long ago.

If someone is told they are clear of these mistakes, they should be clear. Not get told a few months later that it isn't so. If that isn't shady or crooked, I don't know what is. What is the point? To meet your quota? To suck more money out of someone? To beat someone more after they've already been kicked to the ground, all so you can feel better about yourself and your own pathetic life?

How about instead of endlessly lashing out at people who have OBVIOUSLY turned their life around, go after the real criminals - murderers, thieves, abusers, rapists, pedophiles, terrorists on our soil (gangs, mass shooters, any group built on hate), etc.?

Continuously treating someone like they are evil will only make them want to be that way because that's all you are willing to see and treat them as. It is sick. It is a recurring theme I have seen countless times in movies and shows, but now in real life.

The more I see how corrupt the system is I soon found myself beginning to grow a loathing passion that can only be satisfied by taking a stand. I'm sick of the wrong people over and over again getting treated like they are monsters.

The real monsters are out there, doing and committing unspeakable things. If you want to be a hero, grow a pair and go after them. Stop harassing good people. Whatever happened to letting someone have another chance? Let them be if they are doing so. You start poking your nose where it doesn’t belong and stirring up trouble for no reason. You're only making things far worse.

You want change? You want a better community? Go after the real bad guys. Stop wasting your time on the people who have made a REAL life for themselves.

I used to believe that America was the best place to live in. It is better than most, yes, however; it is getting worse. Our cities, our society, our youth, our "ADULTS"...

Living in the middle of nowhere, I knew of these issues, but I didn't truly see them for myself. I was fortunate to grow up in a place with people who were friendly and had that infamous small-town hospitality. If only everyone else could have that too, maybe they wouldn't all be losing their minds, ripping people apart because of their misery, or having to look over their shoulder and lock every door and every window every night. Of course, growing up there, everyone knew everyone's secrets and it wasn't the best place on Earth every day, but it was better than the clear and obvious corruption that spreads throughout our country.

If you have any remote basis or bad habit of assumption or jumping to a conclusion, you have no business whatsoever in making decisions that can affect someone's life. I do agree with the "bad cop, good cop" reality, however; the problem lies within the one who holds power.

Corruption is everywhere. In the justice system, in the corporations, in the military, even in our schools and education systems, and in many other dark places of the world. I'm sick of it and yet all I feel I can do is sit here and type. Sit here and pray that one day everything will get better.

I hope for all our sake that change will come and heal this broken game of Life. You can't play if everything around you makes it near to impossible. Overwhelming anxiety, the cost of living, the mental disorders, the illnesses, and the destruction of our own home, Earth. There is a reason suicide rates skyrocketed over the years. WAKE UP, PEOPLE!

Humans are meant for greater things. This is pathetic. The only way to make an impact is to start making changes. Have a voice, pursue a passion, fight the negativity, rise above stooping to someone else's level. It feels hopeless trying to remind "ADULTS" of the golden rule.

We are all still children, scrambling to get by in a dying world. Having babies who will have to endure our mistakes. Babies having babies. Maybe that's where the problem starts.

There is ‘good’ out there. There are good people out there trying to make a difference. Instead of tearing them down or judging them, encourage them.

This world needs more good if we are to fight corruption. Humans need encouragement and inspiration. Small deeds are what make the difference in the end. It all starts with you. Like Pay It Forward, all it needs is a chain reaction. A few good people can do a lot, but many good people, together, can do so much more. More than we can even imagine.

Everyone has problems, everyone has battles they face. We lose people every day because they can't fight anymore. Their depression, or addiction, or overwhelming challenges, or just another bad day... its enough to push them over that ledge they've been walking along while contemplating the options. Escape, give in, give up and be free from it all...

There are always better options. Please don't ever choose to give up. No matter what you've done wrong, so long as you show you mean better and make changes to improve, you deserve better. You have suffered long enough, find a better path, the one that you know will make you happier. If you have to move away, or take a risk and try for that new job, or swallow your fears and ask that special someone to give you an opportunity to express and share your love... do it.

You don't have to die to be free. You just have to keep trying. Stars can only be seen with the darkness surrounding them. Be like that and shine brightly, no matter the grim shadows around you. There is always another beautiful sunrise for you to see. The night is full of monsters, demons in our minds, but beating them makes you stronger. Life is a long train of mistakes and regrets, challenges and dark times. You're going to get beaten down hundreds of times, but the ironic way of things is that the brightest dawn always comes after the darkest night.

If you focus on the good, be grateful for what you do have, and try to always see the good side, you already won half the battle. The rest is up to how you handle the bad things. If things continue to go badly, if you give in to the negativity, then you will only attract more negative things to you. Attract better things by fighting it all with kindness and perspective. Always keep perspective. Things could always be worse, it may not be easy to see it that way, but it’s true. There are thousands of people out there who wish they had whatever you have, you just don't realize it yet. Even if you got it pretty bad, there is something you have inside that you don't know its potential yet because you haven't given it a chance. Explore and open yourself up to the possibilities of life.

There are far too many problems and far too much corruption in the world today, don't let yours create more. Be stronger and be a good person, no matter the pain. Society creates monsters, turns people heartless and cold, don't let yourself fall into that game. You are not a pawn for them to sacrifice, you are your own king or queen. Take your life into your own hands and try to be a better person than you were yesterday. For your own sake, for those around you, and for the world.


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