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Iran and Israel: Still Playing A Dangerous Game.

Major Escalation Not Now At Least.

By Nicholas BishopPublished 26 days ago 3 min read
Iran and Israel: Still Playing A Dangerous Game.
Photo by Charbel Karam on Unsplash

Hezbollah started out as a resistance movement to Israel. Since then the militia has grown steadily backed, supported, and supplied by Iran. Hezbollah and Israel fought a war in 2006, that ended in a stalemate. However, some historians believe that Hezbollah won that war. A UN- brokered ceasefire brought this conflict to an end.

Hezbollah is the biggest non-state actor in the area. It sits virtually on Israel's border. Since the Gaza war started Hezbollah has been engaged in a fight with Israeli forces since October 7, 2023. Air attacks, missiles, and drones have flown over the Israeli border into Lebanon. Missiles and drones directed by Hezbollah, have flown into Israel. Death and destruction have followed these attacks on both sides. Northern Israelis have been evacuated as their towns are in the range of Hezbollah munitions. Likewise in southern Lebanon, People have left because they are in the range of Israeli weapons.

The fighting has so far been light. Neither side, it seems wants a repeat of the 2006 war. Hence both sides while fighting trying not to make things worse.

Iran launched a massive barrage of missiles and drones on Iran, the first time Iran has directly Israel. However, most of these flying terrors were shot down by Israeli air defences, and Jordanian, Saudi, and Western anti-aircraft defences. A few Iranian missiles did get through, however, and did damage to an Israeli airbase. This was in retaliation for an Israeli attack on the Iranian embassy in Damascus, Syria. Israel responded to the attack launching either a missile attack or an airstrike on an Iranian airbase in Isfahan, Iran. Israel has said nothing about the attack and Iran has brushed the attack under the carpet. As of now, both sides seem to not want a full-scale war which would be devastating for the region.

Sky News was given access in Lebanon to the funeral of some Hezbollah fighters. Hezbollah spokespeople told the reporter that the Israeli attack on Iran was insignificant. This would indicate, that this proxy group in Iran's employ has drawn a line under this. Just as Iran itself and Israel have done. However, a Hezbollah spokesperson told the Sky reporter that if war came they were not afraid or afraid to die.

So far, we have been lucky that Iran and Israel have not gone to all-out war. Yes, the war has spread from Gaza, with Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Houthis in the Red Sea, and Iranian-backed militias in Iraq and Syria. The US, UK, etc, have also engaged militarily with these groups specifically the Houthis in Yemen and Iran-backed militias in Syria/Iraq. However, as Iran and Israel went tit for tat striking each other, the world worried. However, a full-scale war has been averted for now. The risk though that Israel or Iran might do something that ramps up clashes remains.

Israel and Iran have always been regional rivals. However, this was not always the case. During the time of the Shah, Iran and Israel had good relations. Even during the Iran-Iraq war of 1980 - 1988, Israel helped Iran against a common enemy - Saddam Hussein's Iraq. By and large though since the Iranian revolution Israel and Iran have been bitter rivals and enemies.

Normally Iran and Israel fight in the shadows. Israel has harmed Iran's interests in many ways maybe in collaboration with Allies. Explosions and assassinations are the order of Israel's dealings with the Islamic Republic. Iran fights Israel with groups like Hezbollah, also, as with Israel using its intelligence services in various clandestine operations.

The danger lies that if a war happens between Iran and Israel it will drag in others. The USA, UK, other Western powers and some Arab Allies with Israel. Russia, China, Syria, North Korea with Iran. And once and if this happens, all bets are off.



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