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What is Sadness?

Hope To Lose The Grip!

By MahaPublished about a month ago 3 min read
State Of Sadness

Sadness is a mere dream of an unsatisfied soul. Your desire to be in a state of happiness and unable to get there make you numb. But it only happens when you allow the mole to grow with time. The drive to achieve your dream should always keep you fresh and lively.

Sadness is like a fruit from a fallen tree. It will rot because it has lost the connection from its root. You feel no urge to raise and conquer the world (in a good way). You will never know a king who wished to conquer the world was gripped by sadness.

But every soul that has ever lived, will experience sadness. Emotional state of humans also has a percentage distribution. Sadness will be there but it should not be more than the urge to become happy. The day you choose sadness over happiness, you kill a soul that can do wonder for this world.

Sadness should be there otherwise how you will admire the shower of happiness. Ultimate happiness is not on this Earth so you should not look for it. Maybe the whole hearted eternal happiness will be there in the next life.

If you make a 100% board of happiness, then you may be able to get close to 70-80% in the uttermost complete life. But as we all learn from your school lessons, even if all your answers are correct, you will not get 100 in the result.

There will always be something. We all should accept that just like the day and night. At that time, we will get to live with an open heart in both sad and happy moments. Coins of life will keep on flipping as you walk through real life.

I was sad before and will catch the train of sadness sooner or later. There is no escaping from the eternal truth. But you need to try and avoid falling into the trap of accepting sadness as your only destination. Keep on moving until you get your emotional balance in life.

Sometimes, even a single word from a companion can break your heart. But that is different from unpleasant words from your boss and the state of sadness that creates inside your mind. So, sadness is also of different kinds, sizes and depth.

You might think a dot of sadness is nothing in comparison to mountainous sadness. Then, you are wrong. A blackhole always holds more power than a planet. The dot you are seeing might be hiding a mammoth amount of area underneath.

Humans were often not sad because they were defeated or fell short of achievements. Words always hurt more than any action. You can save a sad person through your kind words and you can also bring a person out of sadness through your words.

Choice of words is always important. I believe what you share will always come back right at you. Share happiness and increase our chance of making this world a happy place for all. You may think some people deserve to be sad.

But who are you to judge? Let the world play its course and deliver what we all deserve. You become that person that you wish others to become. None of us are perfect. But we can try to become as good as possible.

Happiness is a hope that shines more than any state of sadness. The light of happiness is not so far but yet so far when you don’t know where to look. Kind words and kind gestures are the preparation exercise for the happiness you are looking for.


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  • Esala Gunathilakeabout a month ago

    Glad to read it.

MahaWritten by Maha

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