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What Does Life Mean To You?

My thoughts on the meaning of life and what it means to fully embody the feeling of being alive

By Libby CannonPublished 5 months ago 4 min read

I wonder what planes exist that are out in the universe that we just can't see. Can't understand. Can't hear. Can't touch. Can't feel. What creatures exist that the whole world insists are just figments of our imagination? Another ploy to keep control over the human population and another way to keep the disconnection between human beings and spiritual substance. Which is pointless and futile because we are all made up of spiritual substance. On different planes and from varying degrees because I know that I am not the same as an angelic being. But, just because I vibrate at a different frequency does not mean that the material that makes up that angel doesn't make up me. We all came from the same source, the same force. Therefore, we all are. Just as we are. Just as it should be.

I think this is something that's known among those holding power. I think it's something kept hidden from the human population and for what reason? To keep us complacent? To keep our minds only functioning at the 10% of which we've been told we can use our brains? I think there's knowledge out there that's instructing us how to use our brains to their full capacity. I think there's knowledge out there showing us how simple it is to accept our spirituality and divinity as more of our beings than humanity. I think this knowledge is being kept away from us all. I don't think the masses could handle the responsibility. But for people like you and me - who know that there's more out there to experience and to see than the societal structures tricking us into giving away the power we possess - there's an entire force out there we're waiting to meet. I think it's more simple than they let on, however. That force simply lives inside of us.

So, all we have to do then to meet this spiritual, all-knowing universal being is meet and get to know ourselves. On the deepest level possible. And can you say that you truly know who you are? Yes, you know what you do for work and your likes and dislikes and what makes you tick, but these are all what makes up the human version of you. Who is the real you? Who is the soul you? Who is the you who has more to do with angelic and spiritual magic than your mother's or father's or sibling's presence? What is the meaning of your being? Being a soul? Being "God" experiencing himself/herself/itself? Being a human being? Do you know?

These are the first questions you have to ask. And I guarantee because you're living this life as a human - simply a vibration of atoms making up matter that's on a different plane from spiritual presence - you have no idea of the answers to any of these questions. Of course you know who you are as a human. Of course you feel like you haven't met your soul. There are only a select few ways we can meet these deep parts of ourselves as human beings on earth. But, asking these questions alone will set you on the path of meeting that sacred, universal part of yourself.

For now, allow yourself to ponder on your answers. Whatever you come up with as you sit and think of who you truly are and your true meaning. And do all you can to let yourself live as the human your soul has chosen. For that will bring you closer to the light and life sitting inside of your chest. Yes, we're on different planes than the spiritual, universal beings. But, our souls chose this human existence for a reason. Allow yourself to love and feel the purest, truest emotion. Allow yourself to notice the connection among the beings around you - mountains, trees, plains, the stars. Allow yourself to ponder on and come to terms with the fact that you are one and the same as the flower that sits in your garden, or the bee that lands on your arm, or even the mosquito that tries to feed from you every chance he gets. Allow yourself to laugh - a full, belly laugh that you feel deep in your bones first, then your heart and chest, and finally your soul. Allow yourself to find the parts of you that connect back to the universal light. Allow yourself to fall into a state where time seems to disappear and keep in mind that the concept of time is simply that - a concept. Time itself then can not disappear. Time seems to lose its existence in those moments because it never existed in the first place. And in those moments, you are more soul and "God" and force and light than you are human. Allow yourself to enter these moments through mode of dance, song, music, art, writing, painting, whatever it is that helps you enter your "state of your soul".

The goal of this is to bring you closer to yourself. Who you are at your truest, most naked form. And that is not human. It never was and it never will be. Humans are simply a mirage. Ghosts and masks of what we truly are so we can exist on this planet in this universe. That is to say, do not hate your human existence and do not feel rage or sadness for being a human on this planet. By being given this existence, we've entered a very special world where each of us have the duty to both become close to our souls and to experience true emotion and human connection.

So, please remember that your soul chose this human existence for a reason. Fight your way back to your true form. But, live. Live for every moment. Because time itself is infinite. But time on this earth is limited.


About the Creator

Libby Cannon

I spend a lot of time writing poetry and short essays on freedom, mental health, societal structures, feminism, and philosophy. Writing is how I process my thoughts and I hope what I share resonates with you :)

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