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Another Day Come, Another Day Gone

Sometimes, I can feel a lack of presence in my days. This is how I feel when these days have ended.

By Libby CannonPublished 5 months ago 1 min read

Another day come and gone

I feel like I've missed the beauty

This life has shown

In these 12 hours that passed me by

Missing each bird as it flew low and then high

Missing the feeling within my soul

Hearing my thoughts fall into a deep dark hole

As it flew into my mind

Then came out the other side

The absence of presence shifting in my mind's eye

Now the darkness has come and sunk over me

But I'm missing the star's light as they shine above the trees

I can only see my future and into the past

This moment is leaving me

My eyes are unfocused as it sadly flies past

sad poetry

About the Creator

Libby Cannon

I spend a lot of time writing poetry and short essays on freedom, mental health, societal structures, feminism, and philosophy. Writing is how I process my thoughts and I hope what I share resonates with you :)

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