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Most Days

I'm determined to live the life that's meant for me

By Libby CannonPublished 5 months ago 1 min read

Some days I think I can do it

Hike to the top of the mountain

Some days it's so unachievable, I want to rage as angrily as the volcanoes

Some days I want to dance

Like the leaves as they circle with the breeze

Some days I want to stand in my future

Become that higher version of me

Some days I have to question

Why it took so long to listen

To who she is and what she wants

But not everything is a lesson

Some days I have to be brave

Because my fear has come out to play

Some days I want to hide

But I've spent all my life hiding away

Most days I want to scream

To stand at the top of a mountain and be heard by the valley and trees

Most days I want to speak

To be heard by millions of people and to know that I'm being seen

Most days I want to use my voice

It was given to me for a reason

Most days I want to have an impact

Work my way up through all of the seasons

There are some things not meant for me

It's a waste of life I should be living

How can I sit in an office chair

When I should be speaking and writing and giving

I think I have a gift

I can see into the soul of another

How can I allow this gift to sit

When I can instead share it with others?

There are some things I'm not meant to do

They just don't expand my soul and spirit

I only have one life to live

It will not be a life that's wasted

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About the Creator

Libby Cannon

I spend a lot of time writing poetry and short essays on freedom, mental health, societal structures, feminism, and philosophy. Writing is how I process my thoughts and I hope what I share resonates with you :)

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