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If I Were To Live 7 Lives

What would you do if you knew you could live 7 lives?

By Libby CannonPublished 6 months ago 1 min read

If I were to live 7 times

Of course there'd be differences between my lives

Of course the core of me would be the same

But the outside of me would have to change

If I were to live 7 lives

The inner garden fairy would come out to play

The magic inside of me would be revealed

And the green witch would show the world her ways

If I were to live 7 lives

I'd want to live among the mountainside

Spending my days with skis on my feet

And watching the snow fall into a soft white sheet

If I were to live 7 lives

There'd sit an oasis in the plains

Housed with the souls

Who need help the most

With dogs that were rescued from lives of pain

If I were to live 7 lives

I'd give my days to swimming in the sea

Dancing with the turtles and meeting the whales

And seeing the connection between all of us beings

If I were to live 7 lives

There's one way especially I'd like to spend my time

With my name on the covers of all kinds of books

Pages of knowledge that I can call mine

If I were to live 7 lives

I would capture small moments

Through a lens of anchored time

See the small moments of presence in my days

And show the world what sits and hides

Behind every person's eyes

If I were to live 7 lives

I'd learn the language of the flowers and herbs

Study the magic behind their healing ways

And use them to keep me healthy and safe

I don't know if I'll live 7 lives

But I can use these desires as my guide

To show me what I care about most in my life

And create new realities where I can thrive

performance poetry

About the Creator

Libby Cannon

I spend a lot of time writing poetry and short essays on freedom, mental health, societal structures, feminism, and philosophy. Writing is how I process my thoughts and I hope what I share resonates with you :)

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